Multifunctional fabrics - anti-static and flame retardant fabrics

Different types of protection in the same environment require different functional fabrics for protection, such as static electricity protection requirements of the place, need to go to the static electricity fabric. High temperature, flame type workplace needs fireproof fabric for protection. The function of the fabric corresponds to the hidden danger that needs to be protected. Make the production safety greatly improved. But at the same time face a problem, if there are many different kinds of safety hazards in the environment, such as in static electricity, high temperature, flammable environment, functional single protection fabric will not be able to play an effective protection role. So multi-functional protective fabrics are developed, such as: de-static fireproof fabric.

The de-static fireproof fabric is in the de-static fabric on the basis of the very fireproof process finishing, thus having the fireproof performance, before only all-round, CVC, etc.. The fabric is the adoption of new conductive fiber and cotton fiber through advanced spinning equipment and weaving process, and after printing and dyeing treatment, with good durability de-static function, and after fire treatment with fire performance. With flame combustion after the termination or fire source away, not renewed, not negative combustion performance. Greatly enhance the performance of dealing with harsh environment.

The standard of de-static and fireproof fabric is: EN1149-3, EN1149-1, and the standard of fireproof is: EN470-1, EN531, EN533, NFPA2112.


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