Shishi printing and dyeing industry: from the "coal-burning era" into the "clean era"

Burning coal everywhere, chimney forest station, black smoke scattered, in the past, such scenes in the fabric work clothes heavy town of Shishi City can be described as not strange. Today, the reporter visited a number of fabric base in Shishi City, such scenes have long disappeared.


  The local printing and dyeing enterprises to say goodbye to the black chimney, and the local leading dyeing and finishing enterprises - the transformation of the city of Shishi Qingyuan company. Qingyuan Company, together with Fuzhou University and China Shenhua Energy Co., Ltd. formed a research and development team, invested 300 million yuan in capital, and successfully developed coal-water slurry energy-saving technology, which can be physically sorted to obtain a low-pollution, high-efficiency, pipeline-transportable coal-based fluid fuel. This technology fills the blank of our province fabric workwear industry in this field. 2013, with 500,000 tons of coal water slurry project of Qingyuan Company put into production, Shishi dyeing and finishing enterprises began to adopt coal water slurry products, saying goodbye to the coal burning era.


  As the source and home base of Min Pai fabric workwear, Shishi City currently has 123 dyeing and finishing enterprises, with an annual output value of more than 5 billion yuan.


  In recent years, the printing and dyeing industry in Shishi City has frequently encountered environmental pressure, and then the past continuous pollution-based progress model is unsustainable. Wang Qingyuan, chairman of Qingyuan Company, saw the business opportunities. So, Qingyuan began to transform into the field of coal-water slurry production, replacing the traditional high-pressure water steam with coal-water slurry.


  In the production workshop of Huaxin Knitwear Printing and Dyeing Company, a leading dyeing and finishing company, the chimney above the factory no longer smokes, and the steam pipeline accessed by Qingyuan Company has begun to supply water vapor for the workshop. The person in charge of the company said that this centralized heating method, particularly economical, can save the company more than 1.5 million yuan in energy consumption costs each year.


  "From the traditional printing and dyeing business, crossed into the field of coal-water slurry production, at present, the company's transformation effect is very good. What is even happier is that, thanks to this project, the printing and dyeing industry in Shishi City has crossed over from the coal-burning era into the clean era." Wang Qingyuan said.



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