National Cotton Industry Alliance was established to open up the whole industry chain

On November 28, sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Cotton Research Institute, the Seventh Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Division, Xinjiang Changji National Agricultural Science and Technology Park Management Committee, Jiangsu Lianfa Group Co., Ltd. and Henan Yongan Fabric Co., Ltd. hosted the National Cotton Industry Alliance into a station conference held in Beijing Hubei Building grand, from the national cotton fabric enterprises, the Scientific research units and universities and colleges, seed enterprises, production departments, finishing and circulation enterprises, industry associations and trading market departments, such as 120 units more than 200 representatives attended the meeting. The conference was chaired by Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, academician Wan Jianmin.


Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Party Secretary Chen Mingshan addressed the General Assembly, Chen Mingshan pointed out that the cotton industry alliance into a station is standing foot national, local major strategies and industrial progress of major needs, to serve the national and local agricultural progress strategy and the whole industry chain of each market player as the fundamental, to promote the common interests of the members of the alliance based on collaborative innovation and improve the scientific and technological content of the industry as the core, led by scientific and technological innovation, to Market demand as the guide, to promote the cotton planting industry, the fabric industry and other upgrading progress as the goal, to build a new model of high-quality cotton progress as the focus, through scientific research, production, finishing, circulation, fabric and other industry chain main body's full cooperation, building station industry "up, middle and downstream a dragon" depth of the new model, new mechanism, new methods, stimulate the whole industry chain progress vitality, leading the industry "up, middle and downstream a dragon" deep joint Industry chain progress vitality, leading the industry "high-end quality" progress, improve the level of China's cotton industry and international competitiveness.


  Li Fuguang, director and party secretary of the Cotton Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, introduced the formation of the National Cotton Industry Alliance at the conference. Agricultural science and technology innovation alliance" is an important part of the cotton research institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Xinjiang Changji National Agricultural Science and Technology Park, Jiangsu Lianfa Group Corporation, Henan Yongan fabrics Co. Ltd. and other large cotton-related units jointly initiated into the station, the national cotton production, finishing, circulation, fabrics, workwear and trade and other market entities and cotton-related scientific research institutions, universities and colleges, industry associations, governments at all levels of voluntary composition, mutual assistance and mutual benefit type of national non-profit social organizations, is a legally binding cooperation contract as a guarantee, the formation of "voluntary association, fair consultation, mutual assistance and mutual benefit, cooperation and win-win". Cooperative organization. At present, there are more than 200 member units.


  The mission of the national cotton industry alliance is: closely around the national strategic needs, according to the "production of what is needed, what the enterprise will produce, scientific research institutions on the development of what" the progress of ideas, the cotton industry chain of the advantages of the member units to carry out innovation, integrity, pragmatic, quality, efficiency, leading, demonstration of industry close cooperation, building Cotton scientific research - production - inspection - ginning - circulation - fabric - market integrated operation mechanism and community of interest, overcome the existing institutional mechanism of mutual disconnection, mutual constraints Obstacles and bottlenecks, "high-end quality", "green channel", "through train" and other fast and convenient forms of cotton industry chain to implement effective direct docking of all links, with technology, mechanisms, methods and approaches to build to promote the development of the cotton industry. Mechanisms, methods and approaches to build to promote the depth of integration and synergistic innovation in the cotton industry, to foster the progress of alliance-type advantages of the consortium, to achieve the organic integration of all links and units of China's cotton industry chain, to create a mutually beneficial and win-win industrial operation of the new model, leading the cotton industry to change and upgrade the mode of progress, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into real productivity, and enhance the core competitiveness of China's cotton industry.


  Li Fuguang said, will strive to use 5 ~ 10 years, in China's main cotton-producing areas to create 5 ~ 10 million mu, 600,000 ~ 1.2 million tons of capacity of high-end quality cotton production base (equivalent to 1 ~ 2 Australia's cotton production capacity scale), that is, the "Thirteenth Five-Year" Ministry of Agriculture "National Plan for the restructuring of the plantation industry ( 2016-2020)" proposed 50 million mu of cotton 20% of the scale, and gradually to the surrounding cotton area radiation promotion, substantial promotion of China's cotton supply-side structural reform, for the progress of modern agriculture in China to cultivate "testing ground", the tree stands a new model.


  At the meeting, the vice president of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Wan Jianmin academician announced the leadership of the National Cotton Industry Alliance session council, and the leadership of the meeting for the National Cotton Industry Alliance into the station inauguration. Kong Xiangjun, chairman of the board of directors of Jiangsu Lianfa Group Co., Xinjiang Changji National Agricultural Science and Technology Park Governance Committee Director Wang Wenyou, Wuxi a cotton textile weaving Group Co., Ltd. secretary of the party committee, chairman of the board of directors, general manager Zhou Yegu Jun spoke on behalf of the cotton alliance members, they agreed that the national cotton industry alliance into a station for the building station high-quality cotton demonstration area, to promote the branding of high-quality cotton production, effective Reduce the production and circulation costs of cotton, achieve excellent cotton prices, standardize the market operation of cotton, improve the public inspection rate, prevent "three silk", accelerate the mechanization of cotton planting, improve the core competitiveness of China's cotton play a positive role in promoting.


      Li Shuqin, former director of the Henan Provincial Fabric Department, the seventh division of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps party secretary, political commissar Wang Wanqiang, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps division of Alar City, Standing Committee of the Party Committee, deputy division chief Yang Jiang Yong spoke at the meeting.


  Ministry of Agriculture Chief Agronomist Sun Zhonghua made an important speech at the meeting and put forward three requirements: First, a clear target positioning, and effectively play a unique role of the Alliance; Second, focus on innovative mechanisms to promote the efficient operation of the Alliance; Third, the real work, the Alliance's key work to the letter.



  At present, China's cotton production has a major progress bottleneck. The "foreign goods into the market, the national goods into the warehouse" seriously plagued the healthy and sustainable progress of China's cotton industry. The main reason is that the production and demand disconnect phenomenon is serious, the production of raw cotton quality can not meet the needs of the fabric industry; backward production methods, high labor costs, low efficiency of cotton planting; anisotropic fiber is very harmful miscellaneous "three silk" pollution is serious; genetic quality is low, length, fineness and strength indicators of poor coordination; high-grade or high-quality commodity cotton shortage is severe.


  It is understood that the national cotton industry alliance into the station will be in the following aspects of efforts.


  First of all, the fabric demand-oriented implementation of order production, order sales, superior cotton, high quality and price. Promote the supply-side structural reform of cotton, is to take the fabric industry demand as the guide, adjust the cotton scientific research, production, acquisition, finishing and other aspects of the work of the ideas, breaking industry boundaries, strengthen communication, communication and integration, to provide better and more effective supply for fabric enterprises, that is, the supply follows the demand.


  Sign an order contract between cotton production and fabric enterprises, the order stipulates the quantity, quality and low love price of cotton acquisition, so that both sides enjoy the corresponding rights, obligations and binding, can not unilaterally break the contract. Both solve the cotton farmers blind production and selling cotton difficult problem, but also spared the fabric enterprises in the market to buy cotton in the difficult to meet the quantity and quality of risk.


  Second, the goal of high quality


  Plant high-quality high-quality varieties, strengthen the "double three zero" (fiber length of 30 mm, specific strength of 30cN / tex), super "double three zero" variety selection and breeding; all-round reduction and elimination of anisotropic fibers, harmful debris " Three silk" on the seed cotton, lint pollution; a place of a kind, all-round enhance the consistency of fiber quality; promote the application of green production technology package, the implementation of good seeds and methods supporting; from seed to seed cotton to gin finishing the implementation of the entire quality control; improve the level of cotton finishing technology.


  Third, build a station union internal manipulation standards


  All-round enhance the genetic quality indicators, production quality indicators, finishing quality indicators, quality inspection indicators, explore the fiber quality indicators and spinning yarn consistent indicators.


  Four is to explore the negotiation quantity and price mechanism


  The negotiation mode of production, supply and marketing integration; order production and quality and price are consistent; quality and price to ensure the interests of cotton planters; quality to ensure the scale and promote efficiency.



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