Anti-static fabrics keep up with the times

With the social and industrial progress, de-static fabrics in order to meet the needs of the times, from the beginning of the de-static after finishing, to the current adoption of new conductive fibers and cotton fibers through advanced spinning equipment and weaving technology. Has undergone huge changes, whether from the performance, appearance, wearing comfort to compare, have greatly improved.


The principle of action of the de-static fabric is based on two mechanisms of charge discharge and neutralization. When grounded, the fabric of static electricity in addition to the conductive fiber corona discharge is neutralized, but also through the conductive fiber to the earth discharge; not grounded with the conductive fiber weak corona discharge and dissipate electricity. The main types of de-static fabrics are de-static silk and de-static ultra-clean fabric, de-static denim fabric, de-static over PTFE film, de-static CVC fabric, etc.. De-static fabric is to meet the contemporary workwear "safety, fashion" needs. In the pursuit of personalized trend today, the style of de-static workwear also has higher and higher requirements.

De-static fabric warp and weft yarn adopts brocade polyester interlacing, with two-color effect; and in the weft distance mixed with conductive special fibers, adopt plain organization on the air jet loom interlacing and become, successively after spelling, pre-shrink, shaping, coloring and other fine process finishing. With its color integrity, feel good, natural wrinkles, drape strong, easy to clean, de-static performance is particularly strong and other unique strengths won the love of fashion apparel enterprises, but also by the majority of de-static workwear manufacturers gradually adopted.



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