Technology provides authoritative analysis of anti-static fabrics

Fabric materials, especially low moisture absorption polyester, acrylic, chlorine spandex and other synthetic fibers, specific resistance is generally very high. Therefore, in the fabric finishing process, due to the close contact between fiber and fiber or fiber and machine parts and friction results in static electricity, resulting in the strip hair, spinning yarn hair feathers increase, rolled loaded poorly formed, fiber sticky tangled machine parts, spinning yarn breaks increase, as well as the formation of dispersive strip shadow on the fabric surface.


  Workwear with electricity, a large number of adsorption of dust, simple staining, and workwear and human body, workwear and workwear will also occur entanglement phenomenon or generate electric sparks. Therefore, electrostatic interference, affecting the smooth running of the finishing, affecting the quality of the product and fabric taking performance, etc.. Static electricity phenomenon is serious, static voltage up to several thousand party, will generate sparks due to discharge, causing fire, resulting in serious consequences. The de-static fabric is after the de-static finishing treatment fabric de-static fabric in the temperature 20 ± 5 ℃, humidity 30 ~ 40% of the environment, after washing 100 times, the fabric charge surface density average ≤ 7.0μc/m2. de-static fabric coloring requirements are light silk finished, not abrasive hair. Oxygen bleaching agent please finish the amount manipulated in 80% of the dose.


  De-static fabric finishing methods are usually the following:, fabric with anti-static finishing agent for after finishing; second, to improve the fabric moisture absorption for the purpose of fiber graft modification, hydrophilic fiber blended chemical fiber fabrics and interlacing; third, blended chemical fiber fabrics or embedded conductive fibers; the mechanism of action of the first two types of methods are to improve the rate of fabric moisture return, reduce insulation, accelerate the electrostatic leakage. Therefore, if in a dry environment or after several cleaning, finishing effect or not durable, or not significant, usually in general workwear with fabric applications. Only the third method can be durable and efficient solution to the problem of static electricity in fabric products, so it is widely used in the production of de-static workwear. Fabric with antistatic finishing agent for post finishing. And the type of de-static fabric contains: de-static silk (conductive silk) and de-static super-clean fabric, de-static tc fabric, de-static tr fabric, de-static cvc fabric, de-static Cotton fabric, etc..


  It is worth mentioning that organic conductive fibers in the de-static workwear fabric and general civilian fabric products play an effective role in the removal of static electricity, but compared with conventional fabric products, conductive fiber fabric products containing static electricity performance testing, in the correctness and attention to the method significantly deteriorated. Choose a reasonable test method, correct evaluation of the electrostatic properties of fabrics containing conductive fibers, is the in-depth study of organic conductive fiber finishing technology, fabric products containing conductive fibers production process, to guide the reasonable application of such fabrics necessary for the basic work. We analyze our country's existing relevant test method standards on the conductive fiber fabric products containing antistatic properties of the test adaptability.


De-static fabric made of workwear more than the adoption of stainless steel fibers, sub-conductive fibers, de-static synthetic fibers and polyester-cotton blended chemical fabrics or blended fabrics, can automatically corona discharge or leakage discharge, can remove clothing and human charged, while for de-static hat, socks, shoes. Among them, de-static workwear can prevent the accumulation of static electricity in clothing, with de-static fabric for the fabric and sewn workwear. And the de-static fabric can prevent the electrostatic accumulation of clothing, when the fabric, roughly spaced or evenly mixed into the fabric of conductive fibers.



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