Rotating storage policy announced, spinning enterprises to eat "confidence pill"

The week of November 21-25, the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance announced the announcement, decision 2017 reserve cotton rotation will start from March 6, the deadline is tentatively set for the end of August, 30,000 tons of daily listing, in case of extraordinary circumstances and then adjust. Once the announcement, the market concern. , Xinjiang seed cotton prices stalled back down. As of November 26, South Xinjiang Aksu, Kashgar and other places seed cotton prices 7.05-7.20 yuan / kg, the overall stable, local decline of 0.05 yuan / kg. Fine lint cotton stalled, long-staple cotton rose first and then flat. As of November 26, Awati County, Shaya County, 32% clothespin long-staple cotton prices 7.75-7.80 yuan / kg, up 0.05-0.10 yuan / kg than the previous week, but the round of storage policy announced, long-staple cotton rose significantly sluggish. Second, the spot stagnation, local decline. 26 November, South Xinjiang "double 29" hand-picked cotton station picking price 15800-15900 yuan / ton, down about 100 yuan / ton; North Xinjiang "double 28" machine picked cotton price 15200-15300 yuan / ton, the price is stable. 15300 yuan / ton, the price is stable. Some enterprises to speed up the pace of moving storage, individual transactions also have concessions. The mainland seed cotton acquisition more cold, some manufacturers stop collecting to focus on sales, coupled with the decline in the willingness of spinning enterprises to purchase, real estate cotton more cold.



  Rotating storage policy announced, most spinning enterprises said to eat a "pill". In the procurement of raw materials, adhere to the use of buy as you go, enough to use, never hoard. Shandong a spinning enterprise responsible person said, in fact, the larger enterprises are not short of cotton, many enough to support to the Spring Festival before and after. So you can wait for the cotton price to fall. In the cotton yarn sales, continue to support the price. As of November 26, Shandong, Hebei and other places carded 21S, 32S, 40S prices were 19500-20000 yuan / ton, 21,800-22,300 yuan / ton, 23,100-24,000 yuan / ton, the center of gravity rose about 100 yuan / ton. Recently, the sales of conventional yarn picked up, and the local volume and price increased. On November 26, the price of JC60S in Jiangsu was RMB 37,500/ton, flat compared with the previous week, while the price of 100% long-staple cotton JC80S was RMB 59,600/ton, up RMB 100/ton compared with the previous week. The market of polyester cotton yarn is stable everywhere, including T80/C2021S price of 12,500 yuan / ton, T80/C2032S price of 13,500 yuan / ton, remained stable.


  As for imported yarn, the recent sales of conventional imported yarn are better and the price is firm. 26 November, Indian C21S, C32S and JC32S forward CNF quotes were $2.45/kg, $2.66/kg and $2.90/kg respectively, with RMB 20,910 yuan/ton, 22,673 yuan/ton and 24,687 yuan/ton respectively. From the price point of view, the recent import yarn price inversion phenomenon is more severe, many traders have a large loss.



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