Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" China will break through 30 key textile technologies such as high-performance fibers

New materials can pry open new markets and drive industrial transformation. In the field of fabric workwear, fiber plays such a role. High-performance fibers can not only enrich the workwear home textile products, but also can be used in aerospace, medical and other applications. "Thirteenth Five-Year" period, China's fabric industry will focus on new materials and other areas, breakthroughs in high-performance fibers and other 30 common key technologies.


  This is the reporter learned from the China Fabric Industry Federation on the 24th.


  The introduction of Lycra pry people's demand for slim underwear, thin down research and development to develop a light down jacket market ...... in the end product competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the fabric industry needs to open a new window through materials research and development.


  China Fabric Industry Federation Vice President Li Lingshen said, "Thirteen Five" period, the fabric industry will strengthen the development of high-simulation functional fiber materials, breakthroughs in fiber materials such as high-tech 30 common key technologies, in the industry focused on promoting fiber materials finishing technology, spinning and weaving new technology and other 100 advanced and applicable technology. At the same time, it will focus on the research and development of industrial fabric products and the development of new industries.


  To promote the industry's scientific and technological innovation, the Textile Federation of China rewarded the achievements of fabric science and technology education in 2016. The "kilo-ton dry spray wet spinning high-performance carbon fiber industrialization key technology and independent equipment" and so on won the China Fabric Industry Federation Science and Technology Award.



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