Textile raw materials up a sound weaving enterprises are suffering

Recently, the market of bulk products is turbulent, and the upstream raw materials of fabrics are not lonely, and have raised prices. Stirring the whole industry chain is not peaceful, the depth of the test of the industry's ability to cope. Cotton, polyester staple fiber, viscose staple fiber and other raw materials prices have risen to varying degrees, while imported yarn is also eyeing, the domestic market is constantly compressed, so that downstream fabric enterprises screaming, suffering.


According to statistics, last week, China's cotton prices rose 247 yuan / ton, up 1.61%, polyester prices rose 310 yuan / ton, up 4.4%, viscose prices down 350 yuan / ton, down by 2.25%. These three major fabric raw materials, in addition to viscose has a certain degree of narrow decline, the other two species are showing "headstrong" trend.


  Compared to the raw materials pulling up the market, downstream yarn mills and weaving mills for price increases seem a bit "powerless", but had to do it with reluctance! Last week, China Zhejiang Qianqing market pure cotton yarn and polyester cotton yarn prices increased by about 100 yuan / ton. Ring Taihu Lake cover finish cloth enterprise group association since October 18, once again increase the price of this color cotton cloth 0.3 yuan - 0.5 yuan ranging. Wenzhou Geji Cloth Chamber of Commerce has increased the fabric price since August 22nd after another increase of RMB 1000 yuan/ton.


  On the other hand, the significant growth of imported yarn is also the reason for the high domestic cotton prices, the Foresight Industry Research Institute learned that


  Since early November arrived in Hong Kong, into the bonded warehouse of India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Uzbekistan and other origins of cotton yarn, polyester cotton yarn quantity gradually increased, varieties mainly C20-32S, Pakistan Sai Lo spinning C10-16S. OE yarn shipments, deliveries have declined, India C21S, C32S jet with, rapier with pre-sale more lively, some traders port just a ship, the Some traders have already contracted to sell out in China.



   "Double 28, double 29" hand-picked cotton offers are more than 15800 yuan / ton (gross weight), out of cost pressure and market trends, yarn mills have raised cotton yarn offer 200-300 yuan / ton, the difference between inside and outside yarn widened.


  Once the difference between domestic and foreign yarn is widened, the market is naturally oriented to flock more to the cheaper side. In this regard, yarn mills also said that they can do nothing, obviously their own home field, but can only watch this part of the order was taken away by foreign yarn, because the cost of raw materials there, can not "lose money to grab orders" it. Up to now, the inventory of imported yarn increased to 85,000 tons, 10,000 tons more than the first half of October.


  The high cost in the eyes of economists is a sign of industrialization towards maturity, and the more developed countries and regions face this problem earlier. But the point of maintaining market stability is a necessary condition for the healthy progress of any country and any industry. The end of the raw material side of the rise, but excess capacity and low consumption, forcing end consumer goods manufacturers to face the choice of price cuts. The brutal price hike of raw materials will only reduce the downstream production enthusiasm, but in the long run will have a negative impact on the later market, definitely not a long-term plan for lasting progress!



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