New European fireproof materials? It was also available in China

Many people think that when a fire breaks out, it is burns that do great harm to people. In fact, thick smoke is the major risk factor for people's death in a fire. In addition, some materials, such as PVC, nylon, wool, silk and other fiber materials, can produce highly toxic gas when burning, which poses a greater threat to people. Most people are not burned, but suffocated or died by inhaling a large amount of toxic gas.

During the tour in more than ten European countries such as Germany, Italy and Milan, it was found that there is a kind of cloth made of stone everywhere. This cloth is woven from glass fiber and has good fire resistance. European fire protection not only pays attention to the construction of the main building and its supporting facilities, but also attaches great importance to the indoor decoration materials, especially in some public places.


It is reported that there is also a similar glass fiber product in the Chinese wall market - "Lvfulai Wall Base Cloth", which is composed of glass fiber wall cloth and surface coating. It has good fire resistance. It will not burn when pasted on the wall and will not release harmful gas under high temperature. The fire protection rating has reached B1 after being tested by the National Building Materials Testing Center. It also has the functions of shock resistance, crack prevention, formaldehyde decomposition, and continuous release of negative oxygen ions, and its performance has surpassed that of European decoration materials.

From the perspective of this product, China has taken the lead in the world. Fire and water are relentless. When a fire comes, it is a race against time. What we can do is to protect the wall and fight for more seconds in the fire, so that people can live more dignified lives!



According to the website of the Fire Department of the Ministry of Emergency Management of the People's Republic of China, the title is: "Five Treasures" (2019-03-28 15:15 Source: News and Publicity Department). The recommended household fire-fighting equipment in the article is: fire blanket. The original text is as follows:

In case of fire, the first thing is to ensure life safety. Fire blanket, also known as fire blanket, fire quilt, fire blanket, etc., is a fabric made of glass fiber and other materials after special treatment. It can isolate heat source and flame, and can be used to put out oil pot fire or cover the body for escape. At the beginning of a fire, the fire blanket is directly covered on the fire source or object, which can extinguish the fire source in a short time



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