Prevention of danger starts from the production of fireproof cloth

Prevention of danger starts from the production of fireproof cloth

The ornamental and dangerous nature of chemical experiments coexist. Colorful color change is the accumulation of experimental safety guarantee. In chemical experiments, high temperature and flame are frequent guests of reaction and operation. There is no doubt that flame is the power of many chemical reactions, and it promotes the normal progress of reactions.


In experiments involving heating,

We should pay attention to prevent the occurrence of danger,

We should also learn to protect ourselves correctly when danger comes.

As we all know, cotton cloth is a common combustible.

In the chemistry lab,

There is a special "cotton cloth" that will not burn in case of fire,

After chemical treatment,

Such combustibles can also become small guards against fire!


Let's learn how to make fireproof cloth,

Let the fire named "Danger" extinguish in time~

Experimental materials



Ammonium chloride saturated solution

(Self prepared)

Experimental principle


The surface of the chemically treated cotton cloth (fireproof cloth) is covered with crystal particles of ammonium chloride. When ammonium chloride is heated, it will undergo chemical changes and decompose into two incombustible gases, one is ammonia and the other is hydrogen chloride.

These two gases isolate the cotton cloth from the air, and the cotton cloth will not burn without oxygen. These two gases protect the cotton cloth from fire. At the same time, they meet in the air and re synthesize small ammonium chloride crystals, which are distributed in the air like white smoke.

Do you understand these experimental principles? I have to take the exam~

Experimental steps

1. Prepare saturated ammonium chloride solution

2. Soak the cotton cloth in the solution

3. Put it into the oven for drying

4. Ignite with alcohol lamp

5. Observation phenomenon



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