Nylon cotton elastic seersucker fabric

Title: Nylon cotton elastic seersucker fabric

Overview: The seersucker was originally born in British India during the colonial period in the 19th century. It is written as Sirsakar in Hindi, meaning Milk and Sugar (milk and sugar). The English name is Seersucker, which became popular after it was introduced to the United States. This light and flexible fabric can be used as a casual shirt and suit for men, highlighting the gentleman's charm of men. At the same time, it can also be used to make dresses to show the delicacy of women.

Origin of seersucker

Before the invention of air conditioners, people tried many kinds of textile technologies, including seersucker. This kind of cloth forms a small convex bubble by controlling the tension of different warp yarns in the spinning process, thus reducing the area of the cloth in contact with the skin and increasing the air circulation between them, so it will feel very cool when wearing.


Processing method of seersucker

① Weaving method: Two different warp shafts, the ground warp and the bubbling warp, are used for weaving. The yarn count of the bubbling yarn is relatively thick, and the warp let off speed is about 30% faster than the ground warp. Therefore, when the cloth is woven into grey cloth, concave and convex bubbles are formed on the cloth body, and then the woven bubble yarn is formed after loose finishing. The seersucker produced by this method is generally made of yarn dyed color stripe products, including cotton, purified fiber or chemical fiber blends.

② Chemical method: After scouring and bleaching, dyeing or printing, cotton cloth is printed with sodium hydroxide paste, and then washed and dried loosely. Some cotton fibers on the fabric affected by sodium hydroxide shrink, while the unprinted parts do not shrink, and the fabric body then forms concave and convex bubbles; It can also be used for paste printing with water repellent, and then dipped and rolled with sodium hydroxide solution, stacked, and loosely washed and baked. The part of the fabric printed with water repellent paste can prevent the effect of sodium hydroxide, while the part of cotton fibers not printed will shrink due to the effect of sodium hydroxide, making the fabric form concave and convex bubbles. The bubbles produced by this method can be matched with the printed pattern. If paint or ice dye is added to the water repellent paste, the fabric can also produce colored bubbles. After the fabric printing water repellent paste is dipped and rolled with sodium hydroxide solution, the fabric can be immediately embossed, stacked, and loosely washed and dried to produce regular bubbles arranged neatly. Common salt shrinking process.

③ Processing methods using fibers with different shrinkage properties, such as weaving with nylon or polyester and cotton spaced warp or weft yarn, and treating with sodium hydroxide solution, make the cotton fiber shrink more than nylon fiber, so that the cloth body forms concave and convex bubbles; For another example, high shrinkage polyester and ordinary polyester are arranged in warp or weft direction to form spacer strips for weaving. After heat treatment, the fabric body will form concave convex bubbles due to different shrinkage rates of the two fibers. This kind of bubble effect is not very obvious, so it is not commonly used, or used in combination with other foaming methods.

The following nylon cotton elastic seersucker fabrics are made by the third method: the warp yarn is made of superfine denier matt nylon FDY yarn, the weft yarn is made of cotton/ammonia yarn and FDY nylon yarn, arranged in a certain ratio, and woven on an air jet loom. The grey cloth is pretreated, dyed, and specially shaped. The uniform and irregular seersucker effect is formed on the cloth surface by using the different shrinkage of weft yarns of different components. The fabric can also be used for post-processing such as moisture absorption and perspiration. The finished fabric has a wide handle, strong sense of surface mechanism, and is light and silky. It is suitable for making casual suits, jackets, and outdoor clothes.


Washing and maintenance of ready-made clothes: the ready-made clothes cannot be machine washed, and can be washed by hand at room temperature, ironed or dried at low temperature, and cannot be dry cleaned.

The basic information indicators of nylon cotton elastic seersucker fabric are as follows:

Fabric No



Gram weight: G/SM



N/C/SP 53/45/2%



Actual measurement shall prevail


N/C/SP 58/40/2%



Actual measurement shall prevail



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