Lanjing Tencel Denim Fabric

Title: Lanjing Tencel Denim Fabric

Overview: The fabric is made of Lanjing Tencel yarn in both warp and weft, and is woven with twill weave.

Product name: Lanjing Tiansi Denim Fabric

Alias: Lanjing Denim Tencel Fabric

Description: The fabric is made of Lanjing Tencel yarn in both warp and weft, and is woven with colored warp, white weft and twill weave. Not all Tencel are Lanjing Tencel, which is very different from ordinary Tencel in terms of raw materials, spinning methods and characteristics. After pretreatment, the grey fabric is mercerized and singeing (fiber opening). The finished fabric is fully dyed, with fine grain mechanism, soft feel and good drapability.



Finished Fabric Drawing

Main application scenarios of fabrics: suitable for high-end casual jeans suit, casual jacket, shirt, summer jeans, etc.

Readymade clothes can be hung with Lanjing tag.

image. png 

Washing and maintenance of ready-made clothes: the ready-made clothes can be machine washed or hand washed at room temperature, ironed and dried at low temperature, and can be dried.

Storage and transportation: moisture-proof and mildew proof

Packaging: coiled plastic bags, snakeskin bags, double-layer plastic bags or plastic bags and cartons.

The technical indicators are as follows:

Basic information of fabric

Fabric number or name

Lanjing Tencel Denim Fabric


Tencel 100%

JIS L1030

Actual measurement shall prevail

Door width CM

one hundred and fifty

ASTM D3774-1996

Actual measurement shall prevail

Gram weight Ozs


ASTM D3776-09a

Actual measurement shall prevail

Test items

Test Results (Navy)

test method



- 3.0% longitude

Weft - 3%

AATCC 135-2018

Warp ≤ 3%, weft ≤ 3%

Joint slip


Weft 5.5mm



PH value

six point five

AATCC 8-2018


Test conditions: temperature: 20+- 2 ℃, humidity: 65%



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