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 We all understand that the color matching light box, can make the sample, production, quality inspection, acceptance in the same standard complete source, accurate calibration of the color deviation of the goods, can be used for fabrics, printing and dyeing industries, such as the visual assessment of the fastness of dyeing materials, color matching proofing, identification of color differences and fluorescence complete substances, etc., to ensure that the color quality of goods meet the requirements, so as to improve product quality and market competitiveness.

  The color light box is usually a combination of multiple sources, such as D65, D75, D50, TL84, CWF, U30, F, INCA, HORIZON, UV, etc., which can provide simulated sunlight.

  These finished sources must be recognized by large international organizations, such as Wal-Mart, Marks & Spencer approved store lights finished, international testing agencies recognized day finished, the customer specified a variety of very demanding lights finished and so on.

  In the use of standard finish source box encountered many problems, some because of some details lead to light box color does not meet the standard, to the subsequent production caused by adverse effects.

  The following, the use of standard finished source box 7 key steps, if you also encountered similar problems may wish to refer to.

  A, the standard use.

  Key step one: viewing angle

  According to international standards, only two viewing angles are available, they are

  a, zero degree complete source, 45 degree viewing (0 °-45 °) that complete source from zero degree (vertical) angle of incidence shine on the sample, the viewer from 45 degrees to view the sample.

  b. Finish source, 45°Fixed angle table. 45°Finish source, zero degree viewing (0°-45°), in this layout a specific 45°Fixed angle table must be used so that the finish source shines on the sample from 45 degrees and the viewer views the sample from zero degrees (vertical).

  Key Step 2: Positioning of the 45° finished source test sample

  Regardless of any of the above viewing methods, care must be taken that the test sample is placed in the middle of the light box to reduce the influence of the external source. Other, important in the need to compare the color of two or more objects, should also be complete not to overlap them to watch, good is placed side by side for comparison.

  Key Step 3: Environmental factors in color matching

  All will have the opportunity to shine in the test sample on the external finish line must be avoided, such as windows in the field of view, should also be installed with gray curtains to cover it, so the use of color matching light box in the dark room is ideal.

  Another point is often overlooked, is the color light box must not be placed on other debris.

  Key step four: the requirements when switching the source

  According to our daily life experience, in our eyes, it is like having a staging device, when the color changes in a very short time, we can clearly feel it.

  Therefore, when viewing the same color spectrum, if you want to change the finished source, it must be done in a flash, never like the lighting we use every day, to a flash before the high, because this will stimulate the eye, affecting the evaluation results.

  Key step five: with the test isochromatic effect

  The so-called isochromatic effect, that is, in a complete source, the sample shows the same color and requirements, but in another complete source, the color difference is not admitted. Under the D65 completion source, there is no difference between the color and the standard, but under the A completion source, the sample color is unacceptable. Therefore, all the color completion source of the equipment, must be equipped with two or more completion source to test the same color heterogeneity effect.

  Key step six: the arrangement of the lamp position

  Although there is no specific requirement for the arrangement of the lamps, the distribution of the lamps must be evenly distributed in the color matching lamp box, and must not be partial to a certain area.

  Key step seven: record the time used by the standard ordering tube

  All standard color completion sources are also produced by the lamp or lamp gun, and the manufacturer will also specify its products in a number of hours of operation, the product quality remains within acceptable tolerances. Therefore, an accurate time recorder is indispensable. Usually if these tubes are used for more than 2000 hours or a year, they need to be replaced.

  Second, routine maintenance.

  1, the selection of various finished sources in the color light box is manipulated by the touch button corresponding to the name of the finished source on the box, to achieve rapid switching and rapid lighting will need to compare the color deviation of the two items placed in the center of the color light box symmetrical position, as long as the human eye or finished line and the measured items between the angle of 45 degrees, are good observation angle.

  2, the use of the light box, should be complete to avoid the outside finish line shine to the test items, while the light box can not be placed in other debris.

  3, the color light box lamp in the use of more than 2000 hours, we should replace the new lamp, in order to avoid the aging of the lamp and affect the effect of visual observation of color.

  4, if the inner wall of the light box is stained, you can use a clean soft cloth dipped in alkaline low-concentration cleaner wipe clean, so that the inner frame clean, dry, so as not to detect items damage the inner wall of the light box to absorb the finished PU coating, affecting the color effect.

  5, if the inner plate of the light box is damaged by the ring, can not play a role in absorbing the finish, should be replaced. Lamp use overtime and cause black aging at both ends should be replaced with a new lamp.



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