Restore these advantages of dyes that you may have forgotten

What are the advantages? Vatting dyes have a number of significant characteristics compared to other dyes. Because of these characteristics, they are often used to solve certain fastness problems. Let's look at them together!

  ①Reduced dyes have a predominance of intermediate colors

  The colors of reductive dyes are characterized by a complete range from yellow to black and from vivid colors to general colors. The main feature is the predominance of intermediate colors, which are basically single components with good color reproducibility, very much in the green, olive green, flesh, brown and gray series.

  For example, green reactive dyestuff is generally made of yellow and emerald blue reactive dyestuff together. In order to combine reactive dyestuff with different coloring performance, it is important to manipulate the coloring, and there are several single-structure green varieties in the reduction dyestuff, which can not only meet different needs, but also have excellent coloring reproducibility compared with reactive dyestuff.

  ②Excellent finish fastness and various kinds of fastness based on finish fastness

  At present, the requirements for various lamination fastness based on finish fastness, such as sweat - day finish fastness, sweat - day finish - washing fastness, sweat - day finish - rubbing fastness, etc., on cotton fabrics are getting higher and higher, and it is very light color.

  ③Excellent chlorine resistance and wetting fastness

  Compared with reactive dyes, reductive dyes have excellent fastness to chlorine, whether it is chlorine water (20ppm), or chlorine (500ppm). (500ppm); other than that, reductive dyes have excellent washing fastness, etc. Therefore, reductive dyes are suitable for printing and coloring of fabrics used in hotels and hospitals, bedding, outer coverings, bed sheets, garments, etc. where chlorine disinfection and washing fastness are required, and the advantages of using reductive dyes are more obvious for products requiring multiple washing. Other than that, reduction dyes are also suitable for coloring and printing of fabrics that require advanced wetting fastness, such as ground dyeing with reactive dyes and fabrics printed with anti-pulling with reduction dyes.

  Also in the United States and Europe and other countries and regions in order to reduce the cleaning water, the use of powerful cleaning agent that the tetraacetyl ethylenediamine (TAED) added to the peroxide in the new cleaning agent or in the cleaning water using a large amount of cleaning agent and warm water cleaning, reduction of dyes also have sufficient fastness.

  ④Excellent stability for finishing after printing and dyeing fabrics

  Reduction dyes have good stability to the general resin finishing, and the functional finishing that make the fiber properties change in recent years, such as shape memory finishing, shape stabilization finishing, anti-odor finishing, anti-bacterial finishing, etc. Moreover, the reduction dyes are more stable than the reactive dyes in terms of color change over time.

  ⑤ Suitable for blended chemical fiber fabric fabric in one bath with the same color

  Polyester / cotton, brocade / cotton, nylon / cotton and other blended chemical fiber fabric fabric in a bath of the same color coloring is increasingly popular in the printing and dyeing industry, reduction dyes have this same coloring characteristics, it is suitable for these blended chemical fiber fabric fabric in a bath of continuous coloring, printing and immersion dyeing of the same coloring, these dyed fabrics can be used to manufacture student uniforms, various uniforms, breathable coats and very fabric products, very military uniforms and combat clothing (such as camouflage clothing), and has excellent various fastness and resistance to infrared and other extraordinary performance.


  (6) Excellent reduction resistance

  This characteristic of reductive dyestuff can be used to manufacture reactive dyestuff ground dyeing and reductive dyestuff anti-pulling printing of advanced fabric products, polyester/cotton knitted fabrics without ground color (with liquid flow coloring machine), polyester/cotton blended chemical fiber fabric fabric first dyeing process (cylinder yarn coloring) and polyester/cotton blended chemical fiber fabric fabric high fastness printing and dyeing (with URS method), etc.

  (vii) Dyeing with natural tones and extremely straight and clear colors

  The fabric colored with reduction dyestuff can show natural plant tones and European style features on the basis of coarse tones, such as indigo ground dyeing and reduction dyestuff direct printing of colored fabric with various washing processes (stone washing, bleaching, etc.), and can be made into fabric products with extremely straight and clear natural plant tones.

  To sum up, reduction dyes have a series of significant characteristics compared with other cotton dyes, which are very much reflected in the fastness performance, therefore, at present, reduction dyes are still a class of cotton dyes worthy of attention.



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