How to reduce the growth of hairiness from the tube yarn to the cylinder yarn?

 The reason for the growth of hairiness in the automatic winding machine is that the speed of the automatic winding machine is about 3 times higher than that of the general groove, and there is a tendency to increase, so the growth of hairiness naturally becomes an important problem for the high-speed progress of the winding machine. Hairiness is a concomitant of the finishing process of cotton fiber, which can only be reduced, but not eliminated. The general rule is generated in the yarn, growth in the complex, the growth rate of the general complex hairiness index is higher than the yarn 3 times to 5 times, more than this critical value, will make the quality of spinning yarn deterioration. Even though the growth of hairiness in spun yarns can be manipulated in compact spinning, the growth to the winder cannot be removed.

  From the spinning yarn to the winding barrel of the hair feather growth is mainly due to the hair feather in the spinning yarn to the winding barrel between several directions of change: such as spinning yarn running spindle running direction is clockwise; wire ring running direction is clockwise; because the wire ring speed is lower than the speed of the spindle, the spinning yarn winding direction is clockwise. Fine yarn roller speed is clockwise, fine yarn roller running direction is counterclockwise, the output beard twisting leisure direction is from the right to the left of the reverse direction of operation, in the twisting condensation process, the fiber is affected by the leisure, the impact of the shift distance deviation, side fibers and floating fibers, resulting in hairiness.

  When the winder is rewound, the winding direction is counterclockwise, and the winding direction of the cylinder is clockwise, so the fine yarn is wound in the forward direction and rewound in the reverse direction. Manipulating the hairiness growth of the winder is essentially to reduce the change of hairiness form and direction caused by turning. By selecting the winding speed and rewind tension, selecting the winding hardness, installing air ring, increasing the winding range of spinning yarns, strengthening the maintenance of equipment and reducing the number of backward operations, we can effectively reduce the growth of winding hairiness and improve the quality of spinning yarns.

  Other, in order to reduce the growth of winding hairiness, the following points also need to pay great attention to.

  (1) The degree of yarn guide channel integrity has a great impact on the hairiness, very channel porcelain tile fracture, burr, falling block, loss is more serious, the yarn produces greater friction resistance, and generate a lot of static electricity, so that the barrel hairiness increased significantly, regular inspection of porcelain tile integrity, such as damage to timely replacement, to ensure that the channel part of the complete slip clean.

  (2) The position between the big suction nozzle and the cylinder yarn should be adjusted correctly. If the position is too far, the big suction nozzle will not be able to absorb the spinning yarn and affect the efficiency; if the position is too close, the simple friction between the big suction nozzle and the cylinder yarn will produce hairiness, so the position between the big suction nozzle and the cylinder yarn needs to be checked and adjusted regularly.

  (3) The position of the spindle angle should be adjusted, in the production of individual spindle angle found to be incorrect. This leads to uneven friction between the spinning yarn and the air ring breaker during the retreat process, resulting in hairiness.

  (4) the tension device gear wear is more serious, resulting in tension disk does not turn, or uneven rotation, the spinning yarn scratching, producing hairiness and regeneration of cotton knots. Need to repair and replace the tension device for poor performance, to ensure normal work.

  (5) Process parameters. Winding process parameters and cylinder yarn hairiness number is closely related to the car speed is too high too low, tension is too large too small can make hairiness increase, reasonably reduce the self-winding speed is an important measure to reduce hairiness.

  The above is the answer to this problem, trust many enterprises, each have different means to solve the winding hair feather growth problem, expect everyone to leave a message after the text, talk about their own enterprise solution measures, mutual exchange and discussion, in order to assist more people.



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