Textile English - Commonly used textile materials English abbreviations

I. Natural fibers

  1. Plant fiber

  C:Cotton Cotton

  L: Linen linen

  J: Jute Jute

  Ram: Ramine ramie

  Hem: Hemp Hemp

  2. Animal Fiber

  W:Wool Wool

  M: Mohair Mohair

  RH:Rabbit hair

  AL:Alpaca alpaca hair

  YH:Yark hair



  CH: Camel hair

  S:Silk silk

  Ts:Tussah silk 柞蚕丝

  Ms:Mulberry silk 桑蚕丝

  Second, chemical fiber

  1. Regenerated fiber

  R: Rayon cotton

  Rayon generally refers to man-made cotton (commonly known as human cotton), viscose staple fiber; Viscose refers to rayon, viscose filament; both are a kind of viscose.

  V:Viscose Viscose

  Md:Model Modal

  Tel: Tencel 天丝

  Tencel is the trade name for Lyocell Lyser fiber, copyrighted back to the Lenzing Group; in other words, only Lenzing's Lyser fiber can be called Tencel.

  LC: Lyocell Lycra

  CA: Acetate fiber

  BM: Bamboo fiber

  SB: Soybean Soybean fiber

  The abbreviation of soybean fiber and bamboo yarn into the same abbreviation, simple confusion.

  2. Synthetic fiber

  T: Polyester

  (also useful to indicate polyester P, is the abbreviation of Polyester polyester, and T is the abbreviation of Terylene polyester, strictly speaking Terylene is a kind of polyester, is a trademark name, the scope of Polyester is relatively large, Terylene range is relatively small, similar to the relationship between Tencel and Lyser, but the usual general polyester (It means polyester, so these two words are sometimes used in place of each other.)

  N: Nylon (nylon)

  A: Acrylic polyacrylonitrile fiber

  PP: Polypropylene Polypropylene

  SP: Spandex

  PV:Polyvinyl Vinylon

  Ly:lycra Lycra

  Other chemical fiber raw materials abbreviations

  CF-Carbon fiber

  PPS-Polyphenylene sulfide fiber

  POM-Polyacetal fiber

  PHE-Phenolic fiber

  PEA-Elastic fiber

  PEEK-Polyetherketone Fiber

  PANOF-Pre-oxidized polyacrylonitrile fibers

  MAC-Modified polyacrylonitrile fiber

  PVB-Polyvinyl acetal fiber

  EF-Boron fiber

  CL-Chlorine-containing fiber

  CDP-Pressure cationic dyeable polyester

  ECDP-An atmospheric pressure boiling dyed cationic dyeable fiber

  PLA-Polylactic acid fiber

  PTT-Poly(propylene terephthalate) fiber

  PBT-Polybutylene terephthalate fiber

  PEN-Polyethylene naphthalene dicarboxylate fiber

  ES-Polyethylene and polypropylene blended fibers

  PDS-Poly(benzodioxanone) fiber

  ED-elastic diene fiber

  PPT-Homo-aromatic polyamide fiber

  PPTA-Para-aromatic polyamide fiber

  PDSTA-Aromatic Sulfone

  PI-Polyimide fiber

  CHMW-PE-Ultra-high strength, high modulus polyethylene fiber

  Other chemical fiber long and short yarn abbreviations - name comparison


  m-Monofilament (mane)

  LOY-Low-speed spun yarn

  POY-Pre-orientated yarn (high speed spun yarn, polyester semi-extended yarn)

  FDY-Full Drawn Yarn

  USY-ultra high-speed spun yarn

  DY-Drawn Yarn

  DW-Drawing winding yarn

  BCF-Expanded (deformed) filament

  NOY(NSY)-Non-pulp yarn

  LDIY-Light denier industrial yarn

  WD-Drawing warp yarn (warp beam)

  PT-Drawing yarn

  POLYESTER STAPLE YARN-Polyester cotton

  UDY-Drawing yarn

  MOY-Medium speed spinning yarn

  SDY-Spinning (silk) drawing (stretching) yarn

  DT-Stretch twisted yarn

  DTY-Stretch deformed yarn

  TY-deformed yarn

  ATY-blow twist air deformed yarn

  SDTY-Spun-drawn deformed yarn

  HDIY-High denier industrial yarn

  HWM-High Moisture Modulus Fiber

  WDS-Drawn warp sizing yarn

  TTY-deformed and elastic yarn

  Polynosic-wave fiber, rich fiber, high wet modulus viscose

  PSF-Polyester staple fiber



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