King of Black Gold---Graphene

Graphene is a wonderful new material. Graphene is a single-layer atomic structure of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice. Simply put, a layer of graphene stacked on top of each other is graphite, and a 1 mm thick graphite contains about 3 million layers of graphene. A pencil lightly scratched on a piece of paper may leave a trace of several layers or even just one layer of graphene.


In 2004, Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, physicists at the University of Manchester, UK, succeeded in isolating graphene from graphite, confirming that it can exist on its own, for which they were jointly awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics.


Graphene is a combination of acoustic, complete, electrical, thermal, force and magnetic properties, and its strength is better than that of masonry. It is 200 times stronger than steel, and is the world's best material for electrical conductivity, because graphene is only one atom thick, which makes it particularly flexible and elastic. It is the world's thinnest material today, only one hundred thousandth of the thickness of ordinary paper. It will be widely used in aerospace, high-performance electronics, biomedical, ecological fabrics and other fields, scientists language, it will revolutionize the 21st century!


Life in line, "alkene" hope infinite

For the fabric industry, functional innovation and intelligent ecology has become the key to the transformation and upgrading of the workwear industry, graphene with its unique properties, will set off a fabric industry disruptive innovation, graphene fabric materials have the following characteristics.

1、Super far infrared

In 20-35 degrees Celsius, low temperature state, graphene to 16-14um wavelength far infrared extraction rate of 80% or more, with the same thermal insulation effect of the thermos bottle.


2、Promote microcirculation

The elements contained in graphene can promote blood circulation, dilate blood vessels, and has the function of radicalizing immune cells, which can radicalize the body's inert water molecules into active water analysis, improve the body's oxygen content, and relieve strain.

3、Anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial

The combination of antibacterial function and far-infrared function enables graphene to engulf white blood cells and play the role of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial


Graphene strong conductive properties, can reduce the surface resistivity, the electrostatic rapid leakage, while the surface lubrication, can reduce the coefficient of friction, inhibit reduce current generation, prevent skin itching, pigmentation, nourish the body and skin.

5、Beautiful and comfortable

Graphene can become a filter for the human body and the external environment to ensure that the wearer maintains the ideal temperature.

6、Beautiful body and skin

The powerful far-infrared function helps accelerate the skin surface temperature increase and strengthen the metabolism between tissues.


7、Smart ecology

The graphene sensor implanted in the fabric can be combined with wearable electronic devices, which can measure and collect human health figures. Realize the application of graphene+intelligence+big data. Graphene fabric is light weight, soft fabric, washable, tough, high hardness, and can be naturally degraded.

8、Deodorization and adsorption

Graphene laminated material can quickly draw moisture and sweat emitted from human skin, and also specific high adsorption speed and capacity for organic pollutants containing directional benzene ring.


Innovation leads progress, science and technology to win the future, let us work together to meet the "alkene" era.



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