The color master often tells the operator to cut two more tubes, cut out the version why it is not the same?

 What is strip difference? Coloring this line, the color master often let the operator in the immediate cylinder, let a few more edition, cut a few more tubes, then there will often be the same cylinder of fabric, cut version is not in the same tube, the color will have some differences, many times, the first coloring colleagues in this line does not have an all-round understanding, then what is the difference?

  Strip difference refers to the same cylinder fabric coloring, the color difference between the tube fabric coloring. (also known as tube difference)

  The reason for the tube difference

  1. Difference in the amount of cloth per tube

  In the air flow coloring, the exchange of dyeing liquid and fabric is completed in the nozzle system, the frequency of exchange and the cycle of the fabric cycle, and the cycle of the fabric cycle is determined by the cloth speed and cloth length, the cloth speed is manipulated by the wind volume and the speed of the fabric roller, generally speaking, the cloth speed of each tube of the same machine is basically the same, therefore, if the difference between the cloth length of each tube is too large, it will produce a large difference in the cycle of each tube of fabric operation. In other words, during the coloring time, there will be a big difference in the number of times of exchange between each tube fabric and dyeing solution, thus causing the difference of coloring tube.

  2. Difference of fabric speed

  In air flow coloring, the exchange times of dye and fabric are determined by the cycle frequency of dye and cloth speed, while in the coloring of the same cylinder, the cycle frequency of dye is the same for each tube, so if the difference of cloth speed is too big in the case that the cloth length of each tube is basically the same, it will cause a big difference in the exchange times of fabric and dye and produce tube difference.

  3. Clogging of dyeing liquid nozzle

  The blockage of the dye nozzle will cause the coloring cannot be continued, which is totally disagreeable: while the slight blockage, although it does not affect the coloring, may cause the coloring tube difference.

  Because, under normal circumstances, the caliber of each nozzle and the amount of spraying liquid is basically the same, but if there is a blockage, there may be differences in the amount of spraying liquid, the difference in the amount of spraying liquid per tube nozzle will produce coloring tube difference, the cause of blockage are threads or too much long lint and other debris into the nozzle and can not be rinsed off by the dyeing liquid.


  4. Airflow nozzle leakage

  Nozzle system, airflow nozzle installed in the nozzle seat, after installation, airflow nozzle fabric inlet side and gas-liquid two-phase mixing chamber should be a good seal between.

  If the seal is not tight:

  First, it will affect the atomization effect of the dyeing solution.

  Second, the dyeing liquid will leak to the inlet side of the airflow nozzle, if the leakage is severe, it means that the amount of dyeing liquid exchanged with the fabric in the nozzle system is reduced, and the difference between the amount of dyeing liquid exchanged with the fabric due to the leakage of the airflow nozzle of each tube is large, it will produce a tube difference.

  Measures to prevent color difference

  1.From the production point of view, attention should be paid to standardized governance and scientific arrangement, so that the amount of fabric distribution per tube cannot vary too much.

  2. Operation attention to adjust the consistency of each tube cloth speed, cloth speed by the air volume and cloth roller speed manipulation, and each tube air volume distribution has been from the structure design principle to consider its balance, so should pay attention to adjust the consistency of each tube cloth roller speed.

  For the nozzle blockage should pay attention to.

  1. In the initial equipment commissioning trial, pay attention to check the nozzle, pay attention to clean the pipeline and cylinder a few more times, clean the residual debris due to manufacturing or transportation and installation, etc.

  2. This color cotton cloth should be sewn on the head, meanwhile, the plastic or paper label on the cloth head should be torn off to avoid the clogging of the filter, pump or dye nozzle caused by the shedding of thread or label during the coloring process.

  3. Clean the strainer in the filter regularly.

  4. During the production process, you should often pay attention to the change of nozzle pressure, if the nozzle pressure rises, it means that the nozzle is clogged, it should be cleaned in time. Airflow nozzle leakage, and the connection method, sealing structure and installation, etc., if the installation in place, there is still a large leak, it means that the airflow nozzle sealing and connection structure is inadequate, should be improved and replaced.

  5. More responsibility, more viewing.



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