These usual but unusual functional fabrics, the market is straight hot!

 Yoga clothes, is the exercise of yoga worn by the clothing. Generally speaking, yoga clothes are divided into long-sleeved, long-sleeved, short-sleeved, tank tops, suspenders, and pants are straight, flared, lantern pants are more predominant.


  Yoga clothes

  Yoga clothes belong to wear close to the body type of clothing, plus yoga leisure in leisure will leave a lot of sweat, so how the material of yoga clothes is particularly critical. There are many common fabrics for yoga clothes, the main ones are the following!

  Quick dry

  Quick dry fabric is a common fabric for casual wear, belongs to the double-layer structure fabric, a layer of the body is not absorbent, but porous chemical fiber, the outside layer is absorbent cotton blend chemical fiber fabric. Generally more chemical fiber and polyester, this fabric will not stick to the body after sweating clothing, more comfortable.

  Advantages: super volatile and absorbent, moisture dispersion and good warmth, keep the skin dry and fresh, and can play a better role in blocking wind, rain and moisture.

  Disadvantages: quick-drying fabric if 100% contains polyester, as far as the human body wear feeling, is not a comfortable state.


  Odell fabric is the plant protein fiber, through the very process fabric made of high-grade fiber, and then cotton and this plant protein fiber fabric composition of the fabric. It belongs to an environmentally friendly fabric fabric.

  Advantages: moisture absorption, good moisture conductivity, elasticity, soft and breathable, draping and floating performance, light texture, smooth, not easy to shrink, easy to wash, quick dry.

  Disadvantages: the fabric belongs to the natural fiber fabric, expensive, simple to buy fake goods.


  Modal fiber is a cellulose fiber, and man-made cotton as the same cellulose fiber, is a pure man-made fiber. Made from woody pulp from the bushes in Europe after a deliberate spinning process, now mostly used in the production of underwear.

  Advantages: soft hand, moisture absorption, colorful, good drapability, fabric with natural wrinkle resistance and non-iron.

  Disadvantages: fabric stiffness is poor, easy to pile, the cost is more expensive.


  "Cationic fabric is all-polyester fabric, generally in the warp direction using cationic silk, weft direction using general polyester silk, sometimes in order to achieve better imitation hemp effect, will use polyester and cationic two components of fiber blended chemical fiber fabric and made.

  Advantages: Soft to the touch and very comfortable to wear. Water absorption is particularly good, and its coloring cylinder difference is relatively small, so it is ideal for casual type of clothing.

  Disadvantages: cationic fabric basically has no disadvantages, but the production cost is relatively high polyester fabric, simple to be replaced by color woven fabric.


  Lycra fabric is a fabric made of spandex (short for Spandex polyurethane fiber), also known in Cantonese as "lacquer" (Cantonese pronunciation of lycra), in the mainland, sometimes directly called "spandex fabric".

  Advantages: good elasticity and not easy to deformation, the addition of Lycra in the fabric can enhance the elasticity of the fabric, Lycra can be used in combination with a variety of different fibers, and will not change the appearance and texture of the fabric. Fabric softness is very good.

  Disadvantages: Lycra fabric must be blended with other fibers and chemical fiber fabrics, otherwise the finished fabric is not made.

  Bamboo fiber

  Bamboo fiber fabric refers to is bamboo as the raw material by the very process made of bamboo fiber, by the fabric and a new type of fabric. Is a true sense of natural and environmentally friendly green fiber.

  Advantages: smooth and soft warm, moisture-absorbing and breathable, antibacterial and antibacterial, anti-UV, warm in winter and cool in summer, with the natural cosmetic effect of bamboo, natural anti-mites, anti-odor, anti-insects produce negative ion characteristics, natural health care, green environmental protection.

  Disadvantages: short service life, after using a period of time, the cotton coils are easy to fall off, lose the previous soft and soft warm, become dry and hard; breathability, shakra absorbency gradually decreases after use.

  Viscose fiber

  Viscose fiber fabric is a fabric made of viscose fiber by fabric, with soft, complete smooth, breathable, anti-static, coloring gorgeous and other characteristics.

  Advantages: soft hand, smooth and cool, breathable. Super anti-static properties, does not produce the feeling of adhesion to the body, and therefore very smooth, ideal for casual wear.

  Disadvantages: easy to deformation, viscose fiber feel heavy, poor elasticity and simple wrinkles, and not brace.

  Milk Silk

  Milk silk is milk protein plus softener, made of milk slurry, then through the wet spinning process and scientific treatment, spinning into milk protein fiber, and further spinning into milk silk can be woven.

  Advantages: warmth, moisture conductivity, good coloring, cool, soft and skin-friendly, wear-resistant anti-pilling, not easy to mildew.

  Disadvantages: milk silk breathability, sweat absorption function is slightly weaker.


  Nylon is often referred to as nylon, the scientific name of polyamide fiber, is the collective name of polyamide fiber produced in China. Nylon fabric wear resistance, durability is particularly good, moisture absorption is better, is a light fabric.

  Advantages: elasticity and elastic recovery is excellent, wear resistance tops all kinds of fabrics, many times higher than similar products of other fiber fabrics, therefore, its durability is excellent.

  Disadvantages: easy to deformation under small external force, so its fabric in the process of wearing easy to become wrinkled heat resistance and endurance are poor, in the process of wearing and use must pay attention to the conditions of cleaning, maintenance, so as not to damage the fabric.



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