The relationship between impurity defects and yarn quality and spinning process

Impurities are non-fibrous material, anisotropic fibers or color fibers intermingled in the fiber. Impurities affect both the amount of spinning fiber, but also affect the spinning process and yarn, fabric quality. Coarse impurities due to the weight than the fiber, simple and fiber respectively, and the discharge. Fine impurities, very fine impurities with fibers, in the spinning process is more difficult to detoxification. At the same time, due to the blow of the running machine, the coarse impurities split into fragments, so in the spinning process, although the weight of impurities is getting less and less, but the number of particles is getting more and more, thus affecting the appearance of the finished product quality.


  Defects are harmful to spinning, generally in the spinning process is not easy to remove, or wrapped in the yarn strip, or attached to the yarn strip, so that into the yarn strip deterioration, the increase in the number of breaks, the appearance of poor, directly endanger the quality of spinning production and end products.



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