Top ten standards for anti-static fabric workwear

1, de-static workwear: in order to prevent the accumulation of static electricity in clothing, with de-static fabric for the fabric and sewn workwear.

2, de-static fabric: to prevent the accumulation of static electricity in clothing, when the fabric, roughly spaced or evenly mixed into the fabric of conductive fibers.


3, conductive fibers: the adoption of metal oxides or carbon black for lamination spinning method and made of fiber.

4, workwear appearance requirements: no damage, spots, dirt and other defects affecting the performance of workwear on. 

5, de-static fabric performance: in the temperature of 20 ± 5 ℃, humidity 30 ~ 40% of the environment, after 100 times after washing, the fabric charge surface density average ≤ 7.0μc/m2.

6, de-static workwear performance: each piece of de-static clothing charge < 0.6μc / piece, cleaning performance (A-level ≥ 33.0 h, B-level ≥ 16.5 h).

7, de-static workwear inspection standards: the People's Republic of China de-static workwear national standard (GB12014-89).

8, de-static workwear test basis: GB/T12703-1991 "fabric products electrostatic test methods.  

9, de-static fabric coloring requirements: light silk finished, not abrasive hair. Oxygen bleaching agent please finish the amount of manipulation in 80% of the dose.

10, de-static clothing wear requirements: prohibited in flammable and explosive places to wear and take off; prohibited in de-static workwear wear any metal objects; and de-static shoes matching wear.



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