What is a fabric inspection machine and how does it work?

 The operation method of fabric inspection machine: provide the hardware environment of fabric inspection, continuously unfold the fabric in sections, provide sufficient finished source, the operator depends on visual observation, find the surface defects and color differences, and the fabric inspection machine automatically completes the finishing work after recording the length and volume. Good performance check fabric machine with electronic fault detection device, by the computer statistical analysis, to help check the fabric operation and print out.


  The basic structure of the fabric inspection machine contains 1) fabric rewind, trailing and rewinding device; 2) fabric inspection table, finished source and lighting; 3) code recording device; 4) fabric finishing device; 5) starting, reversing and braking device.


  With China's accession to WTO, the business relationship between domestic fabric manufacturers and international famous brand workwear sales companies is getting closer and closer, meanwhile the quality problems and disputes of workwear fabric are getting more and more, the provision of accurate and reliable workwear fabric inspection data is closely related to the fate of the fabric industry, and enhance the competitiveness of the international market. It is necessary to use fabric inspection machines to adapt to the WTO competition in the fabric, printing and dyeing industry and to accurately and timely record the fabric defects, pile number, to provide customers with complete information on the fabric inspection roll inspection report.


  Traditional manual fabric inspection and inspection workers in 1 hour more than 200 defects found, manual fabric inspection concentration more than maintain 20-30 minutes, more than this time inspection will produce labor, inspection speed is only 5-20 m / min, more than this speed will appear missed inspection.



  Automatic fabric inspection machine, which can replace the manual, automatic fabric inspection and classification, open shear, and labeling of defects. The automatic fabric inspection machine relies on the reflection of the complete source and the role of the guide to complete the fabric inspection, the normal speed of fabric inspection can reach 120 meters/minute, relying on the terminal manipulation system, the defects to be inspected on the screen that can display the report, the speed is fast and easy, can adapt to the high frequency defects or new defects that rarely occur and has a memory function, can calculate and deal with more defects. The application of automatic fabric inspection machine can be graded fabric, and the fabric defects inspected by the statistical memory storage function, automatic fabric inspection machine so that the inspection of fabric towards the road to automation, trust that after a certain period of time to continue efforts to research, automatic fabric inspection technology will enter the fabric enterprises, the formation of automation of one of the important links.



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