What is beaded ground cloth

Beaded fabric is a kind of knitted fabric tissue, the ingredients can be cotton, blended cotton, or chemical fiber, which is the English translation of PIQUE.

The surface of the fabric is porous, like a honeycomb, which is more breathable, moisture permeable, dry and more washable than ordinary knitted fabric. Because of its special weave pattern, it is easy to recognize, so some people also call it "spinach cloth".

Because the bead cloth absorb sweat and not easy to deformation, not pilling, generally used to do T-shirts, sportswear. Many big brands of polo shirts are used bead cloth. Even in the heat of the day, it can give us a gentle touch, comfortable enjoyment. The appearance of soft casual, machine wash washing does not deform.


The shortcoming of beaded fabric compared with cotton knitted fabric is that cotton knitted fabric is softer and more skin-friendly, so it can be used for T-shirt or lapel. Beaded ground hard some, used to do lapel polo shirt more.



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