Correct use of labor protective equipment

Labor protective equipment, refers to the workers in the production process to prevent or reduce personal injury and occupational hazards equipped with protective equipment. The correct use of labor protective equipment is an important measure to protect the personal safety and health of employees. To this end, the following points should be noted.

1, production and management units should establish and improve the management system of labor protective equipment. To strengthen the purchase of labor protective equipment, acceptance, storage, distribution, renewal, obsolescence and other aspects of management, supervision and education of employees to wear and use in accordance with the requirements.


2, the provision of protective equipment must comply with national standards or industry standards. Do not replace labor protective equipment with currency or other items, or purchase or use products that exceed their useful life or are of poor quality, to ensure that protective equipment can play its unique effectiveness in emergency situations.

3、In the wearing and use of labor protective equipment, the following situations should be prevented: (1) People engaged in work at height, do not fasten the safety belt to fall. (2) Engaged in electrical work (or handheld power tools) do not wear insulated shoes to occur electrocution. (3) In the workshop or site does not wear work clothes as required, wear skirt or casual clothes; or although wearing work clothes but not dressed neatly, open front, not tied cuffs, etc., resulting in mechanical entanglement. (4) long hair is not coiled into the work cap, resulting in long hair is mechanically entangled. (5) Not wearing gloves correctly. Some should wear not wear, resulting in hand, puncture and other injuries. Some should not wear and wear, resulting in rolled gloves brought into the hand, and even the arm also brought into the injury accident. (6) do not wear the appropriate goggles and face shield in time, so that the face and eyes by splash injury or burns, or by bright light stimulation, resulting in vision injury. (7) Not wearing helmets properly. When a falling object or head impact occurs, resulting in injury accidents. (8) Not wearing labor protection shoes in the workplace as required, resulting in foot injury. (9) Not being able to correctly select and use various types of masks and masks, and not being able to skillfully use anti-poisoning protective products, resulting in poisoning injuries.

In other places where protection is needed, such as noise, vibration, radiation, etc., it is also necessary to wear and use labor protective equipment correctly so as to protect your personal safety and health.



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