Ways to choose flame retardant protective clothing

1、Check: Check the internal and external packaging of the flame retardant protective clothing, whether the trademark logo, special labor protective equipment safety signs are complete and correct, and whether the instructions for washing, maintenance and care are attached.

2, look: check the appearance of flame retardant protective clothing, the surface should be free of blemishes, tears and sewing defects. The structure of flame retardant work clothes should be collar, cuffs, hem three tight type, so as to avoid hot objects or sparks splash, harming the human body. The bright clothing pocket should be with a pocket cover, so as not to collect and store the splash of metal or sparks. Ventilation holes for heat dissipation should be left in the armpits, back, crotch inside, so as to avoid the entry of external foreign bodies.

3, touch: better quality flame retardant protective clothing feel soft to the touch, not irritate the skin.


4, smell: some unqualified flame retardants have a certain degree of toxicity, and there is a certain amount of irritating smell. Flame retardant protective clothing will be taken out of the bag to smell, there should be no odor or irritating smell.

5, try: a try flame retardant protective clothing bags and decorations, should not affect the normal work; two try to put on and take off whether it is convenient, fast, should be able to quickly take off.

City textile production of flame-retardant protective clothing has a variety of styles such as jumpsuits, straps, jackets, shirts, flame-retardant jeans.



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