Method for evaluating the color fastness of textiles

Color fastness is one of the important quality indicators of textiles. The so-called color fastness refers to dyed textiles in the physical and chemical effects, the degree of color to maintain a firm, that is, dyed textiles color by external influence firm degree is called dyeing fastness. To test the color change of the specimen, the white cloth staining degree of the assessment of the level of color fastness expressed good or bad.

Among the various test items of color fastness, the more commonly used color fastness are rubbing fastness, sweat fastness, washing fastness, light fastness, water immersion fastness, washing fastness, weather fastness and so on. In practice, mainly according to the end use of the product to decide which items to assess, including sweat stain resistance, dry rub resistance, water immersion color fastness is the basic safety technical specifications for textiles required items, all dyed textiles should be assessed. In addition, for infants and children's textile products also assess the color fastness to saliva.


Color fastness assessment generally uses visual assessment method, that is, the gray sample card as a standard sample, in certain light and environmental conditions, through the human eye contrast gray card and test samples to determine the sample of the original sample discoloration and white cloth stained with color grade. Gray card (respectively, discoloration and staining) for five fastness levels, namely 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. 5 level is better, 1 level is worse. In each two levels and then supplemented by half level, namely 4-5, 3-4, 2-3, 1-2, so our daily use of gray card for 5 levels of 9 files, dyeing fastness assessment results for one of the nine levels. If a certain color fastness of the product does not reach the level specified in the standard, then the product is unqualified.



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