Classification of protective clothing

Protective clothing is mainly divided into two categories: general labor protective clothing and special labor protective clothing.

I. General labor protective clothing

General labor protective clothing is the protective clothing applicable to the general operating environment, mainly to prevent general oil, dust, and mechanical abrasions. The state and the industry have not designated a unified product standard for general labor protective clothing, but some provinces and cities have developed local standards and incorporated local product management, such as Hubei, Jiangsu Province.

In addition to general labor protective clothing should meet the national general standards for clothing, the following principles should be considered in terms of safety: 1.


1. Structure: light and comfortable to wear, easy to put on and take off, and convenient for human activities.

2. Style: The split top requires tight cuffs, tight hem, concealed buttons and concealed pockets with cover. Underwear for straight pants or work pants, dress pants type, requiring tight pants (referred to as "three tight" type), other styles can also be designed according to the nature of work, labor conditions, user needs, such as medical surgical protective clothing.

3. Fabric: should be made of good breathable materials. Forbid the use of flammable and meltable materials.

Second, special labor protective clothing

Special labor protective clothing mainly has the following types.

1, flame retardant protective clothing; 2, anti-static clothing; 3, acid-proof clothing; 4, oil-resistant water-repellent clothing; 5, waterproof clothing; 6, forest fire-proof clothing; 7, anti-x-ray protective clothing; 8, anti-neutron radiation protective clothing; 9, anti-microwave clothing; 10, shielding clothing for electrically charged operations; 11, anti-smashing back armor, etc..

City textile production mainly for flame retardant protective clothing, fluorescent protective clothing, anti-static clothing, acid-proof clothing and other special labor class protective clothing.



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