What kind of fabric is mink velvet? Can mink fleece be washed?

Mink velvet is a relatively new type of clothing fabric, it is more expensive often used to make high-end clothing, such as we often hear the "mink coat", mink velvet clothing has a gorgeous appearance and good warmth, so also by the majority of consumers praise. In this article, we will learn more about the mink velvet fabric.


What kind of fabric is mink velvet? Can mink velvet be washed?

Mink velvet is the raw material of mink fur, and then after processing can be used in the production of clothing, because the raw material is rare and processing process is more complicated, so generally only used in the field of high-end clothing, the current shake-grain velvet and begonia velvet is common, mink velvet is soft to the touch and strong fabric, it will generally be washed process, so the surface of the velvet is rich and has a light color, normal wear is not It does not shed hair and does not irritate the skin.

The whole process of making mink velvet will go through needle pulling, trimming and other processing, these treatments can make the fur warmth and comfort to the maximum, so that not only will it not look bloated like other wool, but also will look more gorgeous and light, while its coloring and color fixing properties are very good, this kind of clothing in the choice of colors will be more diversified, the stability of the fabric is better so the clothing can be embossed and other processing. There is also a lot of room for style and shape.

Is mink velvet washable?

The quality and price of mink velvet is relatively high, incorrect washing will seriously shorten the life of the garment, first of all, mink velvet can be washed, but must be hand wash rather than machine wash, because this type of clothing will be relatively large pieces, before cleaning can be used in a soft brush on the surface of the dust first slightly clean, and then put in a basin of water wet, add neutral washing liquid and gently rub in one direction, after washing clean with Rinse with clean water and hurry up, if possible, you can put the clothes into the laundry bag for dehydration. The entire water washing is complicated and time-consuming, this kind of clothes washing frequency is very low, will not wash friends recommended to get dry cleaners to dry cleaning.

How to identify the quality of mink velvet.

1, the most direct is to feel with your hands, the fabric backing is soft and will not appear collapsed are better quality mink velvet, if found collapsed, the fabric is hard and appear bald or lack of hair are inferior.

2, then you can use the blowing to identify mink velvet, blowing into the clothes velvet, the velvet surface is flat and will not appear knotted phenomenon is better quality.

3, you can also observe the color of the mink velvet to identify, the color is uniform and lustrous is a good quality mink velvet.

4, finally, you can identify by nose smell, good mink velvet is not any chemical smell.




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