What is elastane fabric and what are the characteristics of elastane fabric?

The Chinese word elastane means elastic fiber, in the field of clothing fabric refers to the elastic spandex fabric, of course, it has another English name for spandex, spandex is used in a wide range of scenes and can be mass-produced, the next with the characteristics of the elastane fabric.

What is elastane fabric and what are the characteristics of elastane fabric?

First of all, spandex fiber has very good elasticity, it is generally not alone into the cloth, will be mixed with other fibers (cotton and linen and chemical fibers, etc.) into cloth, spandex will account for less than 10% of the overall, so that the fabric will have better elasticity and strength, Lycra (a kind of spandex) swimwear is a more typical representative.

We often see shirts and other clothes wrinkled but never heard of swimwear wrinkled, at the same time, the spandex fabric is better resistance to washing, washing is not deformation and pilling phenomenon, easy to wash and easy to dry, the fabric is very comfortable after wearing can be worn close to the body, in addition to swimwear can be used for elastic requirements In recent years, spandex underwear has also gradually become popular.


But elastane fabric also has a big flaw is the fabric's color-fixing performance is very general fabric is also easy to aging, in the long-term light or after frequent washing easy to fade.

How much does elastane fabric cost?

The price of elastane fabric is mainly determined by the composition of its blend, for example, the price of blending with chemical fiber is generally lower than cotton, its wholesale price is mainly located in the range of 20-30 pieces per meter, the mall also provides wholesale and retail services of spandex fabric and other fabrics, want to check the price or check the composition of friends can search for "spandex" in the mall or contact online customer service for free. "or contact online customer service to request a free color card.



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