Which is better: cvc fabric or cotton? How much does cvc fabric cost?

cvc fabric refers to the fabric contains only polyester and cotton these two ingredients, and the cotton content will be higher than polyester, that is, the cotton content is greater than 50%, but in the actual production process cotton content is mostly more than 65%, cotton refers to 100% cotton fabric, cvc and cotton these two fabrics are often used in the production of clothing and production, that cvc fabric and cotton which is good? Will compare the characteristics of these two fabrics to give you an analysis, and finally with you to introduce the price of cvc fabric.

cvc fabric and cotton which is good? cvc fabric price how much

The characteristics of cvc fabric.

cvc this cotton-polyester blended fabric will have both cotton fiber and polyester fiber characteristics, because the presence of polyester also makes the fabric wear-resistant and wrinkle-resistant performance will have a large degree of improvement, while the fabric washed is not pure cotton or cotton so easy to pilling and wrinkling, and clothes are not easy to deformation, because the proportion of cotton is still relatively high, because the feel of the fabric and the degree of comfort, although not as good as cotton, but will be much stronger than polyester. But it will be much stronger than polyester. The clothes will not have that stuffy feeling of polyester after wearing.


But cvc has a big flaw is that the clothes are easy to absorb oil and dust, machine washing, then there will not be clean, so the clothes in the washing and maintenance requires more energy, and cotton clothes care will be much simpler than cvc.

The characteristics of cotton fabrics.

We are already very familiar with cotton, the fabric is soft and skin-friendly and there is a very good warmth effect, many T-shirts and jackets are used to cotton, but also in the clothing market is a better-selling class of fabrics, its main defect is the wrinkle resistance and anti-pilling ability is poor, after washing there will also be a certain degree of shrinkage and deformation, while cvc can just make up for these defects of cotton. cvc and cotton Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, the specific choice of which needs to be determined according to their own needs.

The price of cvc fabric is distributed between 30-50 yuan a meter depending on the quality, if you want to see the specific price can be searched in the mall cvc to see the specific style and price.



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