How about shoes made of Lycra? Is it hot to wear?

Lycra fabric in everyone's impression is used to produce clothing, common underwear and swimwear, but in recent years the use of Lycra has become more widespread, Lycra fabric shoes are also gradually popular, some large trendy shoes brand also launched a series of Lycra fabric shoes. What about Lycra fabric shoes in the end? Will it be very hot after wearing? The following article will give you the answer to these two questions.

How about shoes with Lycra fabric? Is it hot to wear?


General sports and casual shoes uppers will use Lycra, so this kind of shoes will have a certain degree of Lycra fabric characteristics, first of all, the elasticity of the upper is very good, which makes us walk when there is no sense of restraint is not easy to break the foot, which is also the reason why Lycra shoes can be popular.

Because Lycra can be used to make swimsuits, so Lycra shoes will have a certain degree of waterproof, in the rainy day wearing words not easy to wet, because Lycra in the fabric composition is not high, shoes breathable words depends to a large extent on its blended fabric is breathable, so the shoes are not hot after wearing the deciding factor does not lie in Lycra, but also a combination of other fabric components to draw conclusions.

Then is the Lycra in abrasion resistance has a great advantage, the upper is not easy to break, as a high frequency of friction sports shoes can not be more suitable, the specific price, but also to go to the specific store query, because the price deviation of different brands will be very large, the price from a few dozen to thousands of have.

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