What is imitation leather fleece? What are the characteristics of faux leather fleece?

Imitation leather velvet because the structure of the fabric surface is very similar to peach skin, so people also call it peach skin velvet, this fabric processing process is more complex, in this process will also join the processing process, the surface of the fabric covered with 0.2mm or so of fluff, the overall feel of the fabric is similar to the feeling of holding a peach. In order to better understand this fabric, we will introduce the characteristics of the imitation leather velvet fabric.

What is faux leather? What are the characteristics of imitation leather velvet?


The characteristics of imitation leather velvet fabric.

1, from the overall feel of imitation leather fleece will be softer than other artificial leather, in the processing time also did not use polyurethane wet treatment.

2, imitation leather velvet pile is very small and delicate, the naked eye is almost invisible pile, but touch will have a soft touch, so the appearance and touch will give a very good experience.

3, imitation leather suede type is rich, can be divided into plain, twill and satin organization of these 3.

4, imitation leather suede production materials are mainly chemical fiber, polyester and nylon is common, of course, there are also a variety of fabrics blended into the.

5, in the moisture absorption and breathable and waterproof performance of imitation leather fleece are very good, some aspects have even exceeded the natural fiber.

6, in addition to the use of clothing in addition to bags, toys and car accessories will be useful.

The last is the price of imitation leather velvet, because different types in the composition of the difference, the wholesale price will be from a few to dozens of a meter are available, the specific price, you can go to the online store search "imitation leather velvet" for details. If you also want to know about other fleece fabrics, you can browse the coral fleece and facecloth which is good this station article.



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