What is polyamide fabric and what are the characteristics of polyamide fabric?

Polyamide means polyamide in Chinese, polyamide is the raw material used to produce nylon or nylon. Polyamide is also a common fabric in our garment production, because polyamide has many practical characteristics and low price, which makes polyamide fabric is very popular among consumers, so this article will introduce the characteristics of polyamide fabric.

What is polyamide fabric and what are the characteristics of polyamide fabric?

First of all, polyamide fabric has very strong tenacity and tensile ability, its tensile ability even exceeds some metals, very high strength and tenacity makes polyamide fabric wear resistance becomes its high, can be used to make outdoor sports, mountaineering and other clothing that need strong wear resistance, in the industry is also often used to produce nylon ties.mupp4l5uqnt.png

Secondly, polyamide has very good fatigue resistance, it will not lose its original mechanical strength after repeated rubbing or bending, so polyamide is also suitable for scenes that need periodic movement, such as escalators and plastic rims of bicycles.

Then it also has good corrosion resistance, including acids, alkalis and corrosives such as gasoline, but polyamide has poor antioxidant properties, so nylon clothes should be avoided when wearing contact, nylon is also non-toxic and odorless fabric, so the fabric will not cause harm to the human body when worn, it also has a certain resistance to mildew, such clothes will not want to cotton clothes as easy to mold.

Polyamide fabric clothes in the cleaning without too much restraint, because it is not high temperature resistance, generally in 40 degrees Celsius below the cleaning can be, too hard may appear pilling situation, ironing, you should choose low temperature ironing, or the fiber structure will be damaged.

However, polyamide also has some defects, for example, its water absorption is relatively poor, and the size of the fabric is not very stable, ordinary nylon fabric is easier to generate static electricity, so some manufacturers will add anti-static agent in the process to avoid this phenomenon.

Finally, the price of polyamide fabric, nylon price is relatively low, wholesale, depending on the quality of a meter will be between 15 to 40 yuan, interested friends can go to the mall to search for "nylon" or "nylon" Check the details.



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