How to take care of and wash the shamrock?

The shangyun yarn known as scandin is a kind of plant dyeing process made of clothing fabric, from the introduction to now shangyun yarn has a history of thousands of years, because the manufacturing process is very unique and long process, which also makes the authentic shangyun yarn also become extremely rare, shangyun yarn clothes price therefore becomes very expensive, for such a high value of clothing of course, we must learn to maintain and wash, so this article I will talk to Everyone science and technology how to maintain and wash shamrock.

Shannon how to maintain and wash

We all know that fragrant yarn is made of silk, this protein fiber is more delicate and easy to break, if possible, it is best to get dry cleaning, hand washing to pay attention to the strength, remember to use the special detergent for silk fabrics to clean, never use the washing machine or mixed with other clothes to clean.


Generally speaking, the stain will only be attached to the surface of the coating of the clothing, gently scrubbing will be able to clean the dirt, so when cleaning to avoid excessive squeezing and friction, not to mention the pounding or wringing.

In the wash before if the fragrant yarn clothing fabric surface has obvious dirt can use a towel to get rid of the dirt, or use a soft brush to brush clean after taking to wash. If it is hand washing, try to control the water temperature to 30 degrees Celsius, usually cold water can be cleaned, before washing, it is recommended to soak in water with a small amount of salt for about 5 minutes (long time soaking will damage the quality of the cloth or fade), so that it is easier to let the stain dissolve, washing up is not so hard.

Because the raw material of chambray is silk, so after washing will inevitably appear shrinkage, clothes are generally not ironed, must be if you must use low temperature steam ironing.

Shannon in wearing should prevent hook cut, broken no matter how to sewing is difficult to restore the original appearance, in storage should be hung and keep the closet dry, mothballs will make the cloth brittle words so can not be placed.

In this article, the maintenance and washing of shamrock fabric is introduced here, if you also want to know the characteristics of shamrock, you can browse the advantages and disadvantages of shamrock fabric what this station article.



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