What are the characteristics of gold velvet fabric? How to wash gold velvet clothes?

Gold velvet is a kind of textile that female friends like more, generally will be processed with silk and viscose as raw materials, manufacturers more gold velvet as women's clothing and other decorative materials, in order to allow you to more in-depth understanding of gold velvet this fabric, this article will introduce to you how gold velvet fabric should be washed.

What are the characteristics of gold velvet fabric? How to wash gold velvet clothes?

The characteristics of gold velvet fabric.

Because it is the choice of silk as raw material, so gold velvet has a similar skin-friendly with silk, this kind of clothing can fit well with the human body, and gold velvet fabric is smooth, and skin contact will not cause too much friction, will give people a very good wearing experience.

Gold velvet has a pretty good elasticity, the clothes are easy to restore the original after stretching, so the fabric is not easy to wrinkle, followed by gold velvet is not easy to generate static electricity, can well avoid static electricity to bring harm to the skin, but also to avoid the dust adsorption on the surface of the clothes and thus affect the appearance.


The main disadvantage of gold velvet is that it is easy to lose hair, just bought gold velvet clothes will be more serious, followed by the fabric surface is easy to break, when wearing to avoid contact with hard objects. Then is the gold velvet pile is not as flat as other velvet, compared to other velvet will have a more inclined cloth surface.

How to wash gold velvet clothes?

Dry cleaning: because the silk fabric fibers are easy to break, and often wash will affect the quality of the fabric and thus the appearance of the clothing, so get dry cleaning is the best way, of course, if the gold velvet coat or jacket is only partially stained, you can partially dry clean yourself, first use a soft brush to brush away the dust, the rest can add a little silk detergent and gently rub, and finally use a dry cloth to The foam can be removed with a dry cloth.

Washing: Of course, gold velvet clothes can also be washed, before washing dust can be brushed clean with soft bristles, and then put the clothes in water for a few minutes, use silk detergent cleaning, hand gently in one direction scrubbing can be, try to reduce the washing time, so as not to shrink the clothes deformation, etc., the last is not to use the washing machine, which will seriously damage the quality of the clothes.



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