Which is better, mink or cashmere? Can mink fleece be washed?

Mink and cashmere are both excellent quality garment fabrics, factories usually use them to make some high-grade garment fabrics, such as suits and fur coats and jackets, etc. In order to let you understand mink and cashmere in more detail, the next to give you an introduction to mink and cashmere and which of them is better.

Which is better: mink velvet or cashmere? Can mink velvet be washed?

The mink velvet is not made of mink fur, but of rabbit fur or wool and chemical fiber, but the mink velvet on the market is more often made of chemical fiber, so the velvet surface has a good luster, which is better than cashmere, but the hardness of the fabric is higher than cashmere, and the feel and comfort is not as good as cashmere. The mink velvet production process will go through a special washing process, so that the fabric will not lose hair after the garment, can be worn close to the body, of course, will not stimulate the human skin, while cashmere will inevitably be out of school to lose hair phenomenon. If the rabbit hair is made of mink fleece, its warmth is similar to cashmere, but the warmth of mink fleece made of chemical fiber is much worse than cashmere.

The main disadvantage is that the wool will fall out, because the fabric is precious, so this kind of clothing is usually taken to the dry cleaners. The main disadvantage is that the hair will fall out, because the fabric is precious, so this kind of clothing is generally dry-cleaned to dry-cleaning points, washing will largely affect the life and appearance of the clothes.


Can mink velvet be washed?

In fact, whether or not mink velvet can be washed depends largely on what raw materials are chosen, chemical fiber mink velvet is generally washable, while rabbit fur and other raw materials made of mink velvet are not recommended for washing, before washing it is recommended to look at the hangtag on the clothes, if it is clearly stated that it can not be washed, then it can only be dry cleaned by a dry cleaner, because the frequency of washing such coats is generally not high, so the maintenance cost is still very low. The cost of the product is still very low.

Which is better, mink velvet or cashmere? Can mink velvet be washed?

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