Is it good to wear polyester fabric in summer?

Polyester fabric is actually what we call polyester, he is a kind of chemical fiber fabric, and its similar to nylon, acrylic, etc., as the first of the chemical fiber polyester fiber in the field of clothing has a very large share and sales, that summer in the end is not suitable to wear polyester fabric clothes? Next, I will analyze this problem with you.

Wearing polyester fabric clothes in the summer is good


In the summer, then generally use polyester fabrics to make T-shirts and polo shirts, we first look at some of the characteristics of polyester fiber, polyester fiber strength and wear resistance is more prominent in the chemical fiber, so polyester made of T-shirts more wear-resistant, is a good choice for outdoor sports.

Polyester fabric with UV protection, UV rays basically can not penetrate polyester clothing, which can largely reduce the summer UV damage to the human body. There is this fabric made of clothes is very easy to clean, and easy to dry after washing, because people are more likely to sweat in the summer, the frequency of washing clothes is relatively high, and polyester is also loved by people for this characteristic.

But the breathability and moisture absorption of polyester is very limited, which makes the summer after sweating will have a sense of stuffiness, which is also the main shortcomings of polyester, many consumers will therefore choose moisture absorption and breathable performance of cotton T-shirts. But because polyester is cheap also gained a lot of competitiveness, so even if polyester will be a little stuffy there will be a lot of consumers to buy.

To sum up several characteristics can be seen polyester fabric clothing or suitable for summer wear, may be comfortable as well as coolness will be less than cotton, but the extremely high sales also prove that people are able to accept the defects of polyester fabric.

There are also sold polyester or polyester fabric, want to know their specific price of friends can go to the mall to check the price and style, or consult online customer service to understand the specific characteristics of the fabric.



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