Lycra fabric underwear is good? What fabrics are suitable for underwear?

Lycra is what we often call spandex (spandex), which is a clothing fabric known for its elasticity, Lycra in swimsuits, underwear and even sports shoes have applications, although the use is extremely wide are not many people really understand Lycra, in recent years, with the gradual popularity of Lycra underwear, the debate on Lycra underwear has become more and more, that in the end Lycra underwear is good? Which fabrics are more suitable for underwear? The next to answer these questions with you.

Lycra fabric underwear is good? Which fabrics are suitable for lingerie?

First of all, we should be clear that Lycra is not a separate cloth, the so-called Lycra fabric is only Lycra and other fabrics blended together, for example, in cotton and linen and chemical fiber and other fabrics to add a certain percentage (5%-15%) of Lycra, so that the fabric is more elastic. For example, although cotton is good moisture absorption and breathability, but its elasticity is very limited, so after blending with Lycra will have a better elasticity of its cotton.


Therefore Lycra fabric underwear is the original underwear based on the increase in the elasticity of the underwear, good elasticity reduces the binding of the clothes on the body, which in turn greatly enhances the body's wearing experience, so Lycra fabric underwear is very good, which is also the reason why Lycra underwear can become popular.

Which fabrics are suitable for underwear?

Cotton underwear: cotton is a very common clothing fabric, because of its comfort and warmth so it is used to produce a variety of clothing, such as T-shirts and underwear. Lycra can also be added on top of this, which can make the underwear more elastic.

Modal underwear: Modal is no less moisture wicking than cotton, can be used to produce intimate apparel, modal feel is actually similar to silk, used to make underwear is also a very good choice.

Chemical fiber underwear: of course, like polyester, this type of chemical fiber can also be used as underwear fabric, but the overall comfort is not as good as the above-mentioned types, but the price of polyester underwear will be much lower.

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