How much does copper spandex fabric cost?

Copper spandex is an environmentally friendly fabric that can be naturally degraded in the soil, because copper spandex fabric fabric is very comfortable to wear also has good elasticity, can be said to be the upgrade version of cotton, so copper spandex fabric clothing has also won the affirmation and praise of consumers, that copper spandex fabric how much does it cost? Next, we will introduce the price of copper spandex fabric.


How much does copper spandex fabric cost?

The data below is the wholesale price of fabric in the No. 3 fabric mall, from the figure we can see that the price of copper ammonia silk mainly covers more than 20 to 50 per meter, of course, different platforms whose fabric corresponds to the price will deviate, but the gap is not too big, the mall from time to time there are full reductions or shipping and other benefits, want to buy fabric friends can continue to pay attention to the mall or download the app.

Next, we recommend a few of the mall's more popular products.

The first one is copper ammonia silk messy broken card, this fabric is composed of 42% copper ammonia silk + 58% human silk, the width of the fabric is 1.46m, the fabric feels comfortable and has a good drape, very strong elasticity makes the fabric in the friction fold is not easy to leave wrinkles, can also be used to make intimate clothing, this copper ammonia silk fabric is suitable for the production of shirts, tops and dresses, etc., the wholesale price is 42.8 / m.

How much is copper spandex fabric?


The second one is twill copper spandex fabric, the composition of the fabric is 60% copper spandex + 40% human silk, the width of the fabric is about 141-146 cm, this fabric is also called breathing copper spandex because it has good breathability, there are 43 colors to choose from, suitable for making dresses, T-shirts and undershirts and other clothing. The price per meter is $45.

How much does copper spandex fabric cost?

The last one is copper spandex bark wrinkle fabric, the composition of this fabric is 100% copper spandex, the width of the fabric is 1.5 meters, the fabric is woven into cloth, the fabric has good elasticity and very soft, can be used to produce shirts, dresses and other clothing. The fabric price is 37.8-45 yuan per meter according to the style.

How much does copper spandex fabric cost?




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