What are dust-free cloths? What are the uses of dust-free cloths?

Clean cloth is a kind of polyester fiber (polyester) as raw material, and then made by double weave, the cloth surface of clean cloth is soft and easy to wipe, the fabric is not easy to fall off after friction, excellent moisture absorption and cleanliness make clean cloth has a very wide range of uses, this article is around the characteristics and uses of clean cloth to introduce you to clean cloth this fabric.

What is clean cloth? What are the uses of clean cloth?

Clean cloth does not mean that there is no dust at all, but it is an exaggerated name for the fabric. The fabric has strong functional characteristics, the most prominent of which is the cleanliness of clean cloth, the cloth is soft so it will not cause damage to the wipe, and it also has a certain anti-static ability, and it is not easy to produce chemical reactions in other substances.


As for the use of dust-free cloth is mainly used for medical supplies and health care or industrial instruments wipe, such as PU sponge dust-free cloth has very good decontamination, but its durability is not very good; full PP non-woven dust-free cloth has a good effect on the removal of oil, but the cleanliness of other dirt is not very good; cotton knitted dust-free cloth has a relatively high temperature resistance, and has a very good water dirt The cleanliness; polyester-cotton dust-free cloth has a good cleaning effect for handprints and grease, but the cost of this fabric is relatively high; therefore, when we buy dust-free cloth, we should first determine our own use, so that we can maximize the effect of dirt removal.

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