What are the characteristics of linen and cotton fabrics? How to wash linen and cotton fabric?

The cotton fabric and cotton linen fabric refers to the same thing, is the cotton fiber and hemp fiber blended fabric, just people's call it different, the combination of the two fibers together is to make the fabric at the same time with the characteristics of cotton and hemp, of course, the specific properties of the strength of each to combine the proportion of the fabric, text 3 fabrics to introduce you to the characteristics of cotton and linen fabric and its cleaning way.


The characteristics of hemp and cotton fabrics? How to wash hemp and cotton fabrics?

Because the cotton fiber and hemp fiber fiber structure determines that such fabrics will have a very good breathability, so the breathability of hemp and cotton fabrics is very good, in addition to hemp and cotton clothing moisture absorption is also extremely prominent, in the summer to wear words can quickly absorb sweat and evaporate, comfortable degree will be between hemp and cotton, although not as good as cotton, but at least will not tie people also suitable for wearing close to the body.

Hemp and cotton fabrics are also green fabrics, because cotton and linen are natural fabric fibers, the production process does not add other chemical raw materials, with its production of clothing skin-friendly and will not irritate the skin, while hemp and cotton sheets can promote blood circulation and improve sleep quality, very much in line with the contemporary concept of environmental health.

Of course, linen and cotton fabrics are also some defects, such as the elasticity of this type of fabric is very general, in the friction or folding is also prone to wrinkles, linen and cotton clothes overall color will be softer and dull, want to color beautiful clothes friends are not recommended to buy such clothing.

The washing of linen and cotton fabrics is not as complicated as wool, basically can be washed in the washing machine, if you are not sure, you can look at the washing instructions on the clothes tag, the best detergent is neutral, because cotton fibers are not acid-resistant, because linen and cotton fabric clothes are easy to dry, it is best not to be exposed to the sun.

The above is to give you a collation of linen and cotton fabrics related knowledge, if you also want to know the price of linen and cotton or other fabrics and parameters, then you can go to the mall to view the details.



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