What are the classifications of shirt fabrics? Which one is better

Shirt is a class in our life or work more common clothing, it can be worn alone or with the suit, according to the different seasons can be divided into long-sleeved and short-sleeved two, of course, the variety of shirts is also extremely rich, the next according to the different fabric components to introduce you to some of the more common shirt fabric, and which shirt fabric is better.

Polyester and cotton blended shirt fabric: that is, polyester and cotton blended fabric, this fabric production of shirts in the comfort and practicality of the degree of outstanding performance, polyester and cotton blended after its breathability will be greatly enhanced, no polyester clothes after wearing the kind of stuffy feeling, but also has a cotton fabric that soft touch, the shirt also has a very good durability, after washing or stretching is also easy to appear Shrinkage or deformation of the situation.

What are the classifications of shirt fabrics? Which is better


Cotton shirt fabric: cotton in the shirt and even the entire clothing industry has a very wide range of use, cotton shirts have a good moisture absorption, the overall comfort of the words will be better than polyester-cotton shirts, but this fabric shirt in the care of more thought, because it is easy to deformation or wrinkling after washing. If you want to buy such shirts, it is necessary to know how to wash the cotton fabric.

What is the classification of the shirt fabric? Which one is better

Silk shirt: In fact, silk is also available to make shirts, this shirt made of higher quality mulberry silk is more high-end, its price will naturally be much higher than cotton, whether in the appearance or touch have excellent performance in the field of high-end clothing silk shirts have very good sales.


What is the classification of the shirt fabric? Which one is better

Wool shirt: this shirt in winter wear then have a very good warm effect, wool comfort without much comment, wool is generally used for suits and other more advanced clothing, but wool fabric can generally only dry clean, frequent washing will damage the quality of wool, so in the daily wear to avoid contact with oil, and in the collection to do a good job of insect protection and other measures.


What are the classifications of shirt fabrics? Which one is better

If you consider from the sex aspect is the word cotton and polyester-cotton are very good shirt fabric, you can preferably consider these two when buying shirts, of course, also sold all the fabrics mentioned above, interested friends can check the price in the mall.



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