What kind of fabric is bamboo knotted cotton? What are the characteristics of bamboo knotted cotton fabric?

Bamboo cotton, also known as geranium cotton is a cotton (95%-100% cotton) as raw material, and then by drawing and picking yarn and other processing to make the fabric surface to show a similar texture of bamboo, bamboo cotton feel naturally soft, and has a good breathability, so it is also suitable for summer clothing (T-shirts, cardigans) production, the next with you to introduce the characteristics of bamboo cotton fabric.

Bamboo cotton is what fabric? What are the characteristics of bamboo cotton fabric?

The characteristics of bamboo cotton.

Because the production of raw materials used is cotton, so his characteristics are also the characteristics of cotton, first of all, bamboo cotton feel fluffy and very soft, which is also bamboo cotton fabric is very comfortable after wearing the reason.

Secondly, bamboo cotton in the processing will make the fabric with better breathability, but also to absorb sweat and quickly evaporate, this feature also determines the fabric is very suitable for the production of summer T-shirt, will be more breathable than polyester T-shirt.


Then bamboo cotton is not easy to pilling, will not lose hair, which is why more and more people like bamboo cotton, but bamboo cotton also has some defects, it can be said that it is basically nothing elastic, which means that this fabric clothes are easy to leave wrinkles, recovery words also need to ironing treatment, in terms of wearability will be lacking, so in the care will cost more energy.

There is also bamboo cotton wear resistance deviation, cotton fabrics have this in common, so this type of clothing will be thinner and thinner, which is also the reason why the fabric does not pilling (hairball off).

The price of bamboo cotton.

Bamboo cotton wholesale prices are generally around 30 yuan / m, of course, different styles and quality of bamboo cotton prices also have a great deviation, online shopping center also has bamboo cotton fabric wholesale and retail services, want to know the details of friends can go to the mall to view or consult online customer service.



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