What composition of sweater fabric is good

In the autumn and winter sweater seems to have become our necessary clothing, because sweater has excellent warmth and very comfortable to wear, whether it is worn outside or inside are very good, so also by countless fashionable people's favor, and sweater characteristics are determined by the composition of the fabric, the quality of the sweater its fabric composition is also very good, that what fabric composition of sweater is better, with The actual fact is that you can find a number of good sweater fabrics.

What is the composition of the sweater fabric is good

The surface of the fabric is smooth and thick, with the silk and its similar luster and feel, whether it is wear resistance or resilience are very good, in addition to knitting sweaters will be used to produce flower blankets and smooth wool coats.


Sheep's wool: Sheep's wool sweater is the most popular sweater fabric, because sheep's wool is delicate and soft, so it is very conducive to the production of sweaters, and the better quality of Australia's Merino sheep's wool, this sheep's wool has long and thin fibers, yarn count is generally between 60S to 80S, wool curl and with luster, the quality is world-renowned. Of course, in addition to merino series, there are also common sheep's wool, which is produced from the Shetland Islands in the United Kingdom, so the production is small and the price is very high, but now the sheep's wool on the market is basically produced with New Zealand fine wool, in terms of price will be much cheaper.

Rabbit hair: rabbit hair is also a common fabric for sweaters, rabbit hair is loved by consumers because of its affordable price, and it is not inferior to wool in terms of warmth.

Alpaca wool: Alpaca wool has two kinds of fibers: curly and flat. The fabric has a silvery luster, but alpaca wool is generally not woven alone, but blended with other fibers.

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