What kind of fabric is organza? What can I do with organza that is too stiff?

Organza is a popular fabric in recent years, like wedding dresses or some clothing accessories will use organza to make, organza has a good drape, the surface will generally be with a print, today I will introduce you to the organza fabric.

What is organza fabric? Organza is too hard how to deal with?

Organza is generally the choice of polyester and other chemical fiber materials or silk after false twist and other processing made of hairy monofilament, Green yarn is another name for it, can be divided into bright and semi-bright organza according to the texture of two, this wedding fabric gradually towards civilianization.

Whether it is silk or chemical fiber organza will have a certain degree of hardness, which will be more conducive to wedding dresses and dresses shaping, but the overall feel of the degree of comfort, then silk will be better.

Chemical fiber (polyester / nylon) organza colorful and bright texture, but its hardness is very high, in addition to making wedding dresses will be used to make window coverings and various accessories.


Organza is too hard to handle.

Because organza fabric is very difficult to change its structure, if the clothes are too hard to tie people, you can add a layer of lining in the inner layer of the clothes, after the separation will be much more comfortable to wear.

If you do not want to add a lining, you can add a little white vinegar soak in the wash, the best choice of softener for soaking if conditions allow, so that the hardness of organza will be largely reduced.

Characteristics of organza.

Organza fabric is light and has a good drape, the fabric has a broad shape, and also has a certain UV protection ability. The main disadvantage of organza is that the yarn is relatively stiff, and it is difficult to recover from folds in clothing.

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