How much does Roman cloth cost?

Roman cloth is a kind of fabric made by way of knitting weft knitting, some places also call it chicken cloth, the fabric has good moisture absorption and breathable performance, soft and comfortable after wearing, can be used to make intimate clothing. Recently more and more people are concerned about Roman cloth, especially the price of Roman cloth, today we will introduce to you the price of Roman cloth.

How much is the price of Roman cloth?

We search for "Roman cloth" in the mall to find the Roman cloth-related fabrics, from the following chart we can see that the price of Roman cloth in the main between 30 to 50 yuan / m, different quality of Roman cloth price difference is also very big, we can buy or select the Roman cloth when more comparisons and then choose more in line with their needs A cloth.


How much is the price of Roman cloth?

Next, we recommend a few of the mall's hot Roman cloth.

The first one is fine Roman sports cloth, the composition of the fabric is 92% polyester + 8% spandex, the overall style of the fabric is European and American, its grammage and width are 280g/m² and 1.85m, suitable for making outdoor clothing and sportswear pants, etc. The wholesale price of this Roman cloth is 45 yuan/m, which is 28 yuan/kg.

How much is the price of Roman cloth?


The second one is Roman small sweatshirt stripes, the composition of the fabric is 95% cotton + 5% spandex, the width of Roman cloth is 1.75m, the grammage is 245g/m², because there is 5% spandex in the fabric, so the fabric will be good elasticity, this striped cloth can be used to make sweatshirt, sweatpants and bottom shirt, etc. Its price is 28 yuan/m, 51.8 yuan/kg.

What is the price of Roman cloth?


Recently, a new batch of Roman cloth, of course, in addition to Roman cloth, the mall also has other cotton, linen, silk and wool fabrics for sale, want to know friends can go to the mall to search for the fabric they want and check the price.



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