Xinjiang: seed cotton acquisition into the end of lint cotton mainland sales lagged

The purchase of seed cotton in the southern Xinjiang region is also basically over. 21 December Aksu a cotton enterprise responsible person said that their factory officially stopped today, there are still more than 300,000 kg of seed cotton to be sorted out, is expected to be able to sort out this week to complete. According to its introduction, there are only a few cotton enterprises in the Aksu area are still buying, seed cotton prices 7.15-7.35 yuan / kg (38-39% coat score), flat compared to yesterday. Right now the quality of seed cotton continues to decline, of which mixed grade mixed, high moisture return rate accounted for the majority.



  "The cost is still rising, generally reaching 16,000 yuan / ton." December 21 Kashi a cotton enterprise responsible person said, due to the recent seed cotton prices do not fall, while cotton seed prices have a small drop, resulting in lint costs rise. December 21 South Xinjiang region cotton seed loading price of 12.67-2.68 yuan / kg, down 0.02 yuan / kg compared to yesterday. According to feedback, cottonseed fell there are two reasons:, the recent mainland more haze, rainy climate, high-speed road closure, the mainland oil mill temporarily stop purchasing cotton seeds in Xinjiang, resulting in Xinjiang cotton seeds can only be digested within Xinjiang. Second, the recent cotton meal market has fallen slightly, some oil mill wait-and-see mentality rose, in raw materials to keep with the purchase.


  Recent sales of Xinjiang cotton in the mainland lagged significantly. A local cotton merchants, their company in the middle of this month has two batches of a total of 2,200 tons of Xinjiang hand-picked cotton, machine-picked cotton into the mainland of Shandong, Jiangsu, Hubei, Henan and other warehouses, but for days there are few downstream buyers to ask for quotes. As of December 21, in Shandong, Henan warehouse "double 29" "double 30" hand-picked cotton out of the warehouse price of 16600-16700 yuan / ton, flat compared to yesterday. But the cotton merchant said, if a one-time order of more than 200 tons, he immediately give 100 yuan / ton concessions, if a one-time order of 500 tons, that is, to give 200 yuan / ton concessions. Other cotton merchants in the hands of the 3128 grade machine picked cotton sales price of 16,200 yuan / ton, but said that the negotiation range can be in the 200 yuan / ton range, in fact, has expressed a large sales sincerity. According to the cotton merchant, the recent slow sales of Xinjiang cotton, but also to bring a certain tension psychology.



  With the entry into the end of the year, the number of Xinjiang cotton transported inside is getting bigger and bigger, the mainland supply and demand "gap" will soon make up, so that the closer to the Spring Festival, the more we hoard goods is not a wise move. Together with the Zheng cotton futures stagnation, signs of retreat is obvious. 21 December, Zheng cotton position reduction burst down, more collapse. Affected by this, Xinjiang cotton enterprises, cotton merchants to accelerate the cotton to the mainland to move, and slightly increase the price that sales. As a market source said, the market is more favorable atmosphere is waning, and the bearish, gloomy atmosphere is forming. Cotton in the near future or usher in a downward trend.



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