Ski suit fabric

Ski suit fabric characteristics are as follows: 

Kunshan Yingjie Textile Import & Export Co., Ltd. mainly for the production of chemical fiber fabrics: down jacket, winter clothes, ski suit, mountaineering clothing, raincoats, casual wear and other outdoor sports. 

Ski suit athletic suit will generally be divided into services and tourism. Competitive service is based on the characteristics of events designed to focus on the improvement of athletic performance. Tourism service is warm, beautiful, comfortable and practical. Ski Suit Fabric SeriesSki suit very bright colors in general, not only from the aesthetic considerations, but mainly from the sake of security. If the skiing in the mountains especially in the steep slopes,the ski away from the construction of venues prone to collapse or become disoriented, in which case the bright-colored clothing for the search provides a good visual. 

Because skiing is a cold environment in the sport, so close in the selection of underwear, preferably not cotton products, and using special made of polyester or nylon next to the skin, breathable and allows sweat molecules revealing underwear . It has the inner layer of a one-way effect of the chemical fiber wicking material, Kunshan City Yingjie Textile Import & Export Co., Ltd. production can ski suit fabric sweat absorption, with waterproof, breathable air, the effect was very good. 

Ski Suit Fabric Series

Ski suit categories: double-plate Siamese: the benefits of the traditional ski suit is to allow it into the snow clothes, piece design, but the action is not convenient, has been eliminated, is now almost sold very few, have been replaced by split. Double-plate sub-body: it contains a warm layer of cotton or other similar clothes mountain design, beautiful style. SBC split: general, single-layer design, increased insulation layer in front, back monolayer permeability, clothing mast. Tights: Special warm layer of perspiration best exclusive games. 

Such fabrics were also customers as "the fabric will breathe", which is handled through the PU coating or foil, making fabricSki Suit Fabric Series can be in bad weather conditions, complete protection against the outside world rain, wind and snow, while allowing the body produced by heat, sweat through the fabric discharges, the body can maintain long-lasting comfort and dry.

Breathable fabrics on the market the majority of non-washable, while the factory produced using the latest technology such fabric, after washing several times even after they have a very high pressure resistance and good permeability vapor permeability properties! To achieve the same industry leading level. 

Commonly used detection methods: AATCC 127-2003; ASTM E96: 2000 BW;



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