Fire Retardant Fabric

Polyester Flame Retardant in the application of protective clothing, fire drill, fire-retardant canvas, fire-retardant plain cloth,fire-retardant satin straight fluorescent flame-retardant fabric, anti-static flame retardant fabric, anti-static flame retardant fabrics waterproof and oil, the three anti - Flame Retardant Fabric, CVC Flame Retardant Fabric, C / N flame retardant fabric, anti-oil-water and fabrics, anti-acid fabric, anti-static fabric.

Flame-retardant polyester permanent fFlame Retardant Fabriclame retardant because of its very broad application prospects. It is understood that the flame-retardant polyester covers a wide range of applications, in addition to industrial textiles, building decoration, decoration, such as transport an irreplaceable role to play, the field of protective clothing also plays a role in many, the production of flame-retardant fabrics The flame-retardant protective clothing resistant to washing with excellent performance, non-toxic tasteless and non-irritating to human safety and reliability, breathable breathable, soft, comfortable to wear. 

Flame-retardant protective clothing in accordance with the provisions of national standards, metallurgy, forestry,chemical, oil, fire and other departments should use flame-retardant protective clothing. According to statistics of China's flame-retardant protective clothing should be used in millions more than the number of people, fire-retardant protective clothing market has great potential. Apart from the pure flame-retardant polyester outside, according to the special requirements of customers, production retardant, waterproof, and oil repellent, antistatic products such as multi-functional. 

Functional fire retardant fabric

Such as flame-retardant polyester fabric waterproof, and oil repellent finishing, fire-retardant clothing to improve functionality. 

The use of flame-retardant polyester with interwoven conductive fibers to produce a flame-retardant anti-static fabrics;the use of high-performanceflame-retardant fibers and fiber blends to produce high-performance flame-retardant fabrics; the use of flame-retardant fiber and cotton, viscose blended fiber, etc., protective clothing in order to improve the comfort, while reducing the second burn. 

Ordinary operations or fire fighting training services, can be used as a fire brigade service industries, light breathable, comfortable wear. Comply with EN470-1, EN531, EN532, NFPA2112, NFPA70E standards.

Kunshan Yingjie Textile Import & Export Co., Ltd. production of fire-retardant properties of flame-retardant fabric is not only good, but very good ventilation, wearing very comfortable. The Sweat-absorbent breathable, soft features, making this fabric is suitable as metallurgy, machinery, chemicals, fire retardant protective clothing and other industries and special clothes. 

Principles of polyester flame retardant fabric

Flame-retardant fabric, often by gas flame, and the condensed phase flame retardant and other principles of heat exchange interrupts implementation. Inhibit the combustion chain growth promoting free play feature is a gas flame retardant fabrics; in the solid phase delay or prevent the polymer from thermal decomposition of condensed phase flame retardant is a role; will be part of the heat generated by burning polymers a result of the fire away, then the class belongs to interrupt the flame retardant heat exchange mechanism. However, combustiFunctional fire retardant fabricon and flame is very complex process, involving a lot of impact and factors, the flame retardant mechanism of a flame retardant system is divided into a strict one is hard, in fact, while many of flame retardant system in several resistance Principles of fuel work.

Flame retardant finishing of polyester fabrics modified method is simple. However, if the amount of flame retardant and more, the feel and color of the fabric greater impact. Flame retardant polyester fabric finishing methods to the following three categories:

1) as flame retardants designed imaging dyes adsorption structure, the use of consolidation - one bath dyeing process.

2) hot melt method a great affinity with the flame retardant polyester fiber in the fiber fixation. This method is suitable for a narrow range of flame retardants, impact on the feel of small, washing fastness.

3) The dissolution of flame retardant and easy to use, good flame retardant for natural and chemical fiber fabrics and paper intolerance wash proofing, also applies to hotels, cars and other decorative materials used in flame-retardant finishing.Flame Retardant Fabric

Current international standards for a lot of flame-retardant textiles, such as the British BS, German DIN, Canada GCSB, The U.S. FS, Switzerland, SNV, Japanese JIS, France, ANF, Sweden, SIS, China Huai GB and ISO international standards and so on. Textile Chemical Society (AATCC), Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) and so on, have a set of standards and testing methods. Specialized in different types of textiles or finished varieties, there are different test methods.



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