Teflon Detailed Description: 

High-performance specialty coatings based on Teflon PTFE-based fluorine resin coating, the English name of Teflon, because the pronunciation of reasons, commonly known as Teflon, iron-rich dragon, Teflon, special fluoride lung, etc. (All Teflon the transliteration). Teflon Coating is a unique high-performance coatings, combined with heat resistance, chemical inertia and excellent stability and low friction nature of insulation, paint can not compete with the other comprehensive advantages, its flexibility in the application It makes for almost all shapes and sizes of products.Functional Teflon Fabric Series

Teflon is divided into PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE are several basic types:

· Teflon PTFE: PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) non-stick coating can be used continuously at 260 ℃ with a maximum operating temperature of 290-300 ℃, low coefficient of friction, good wear resistance and excellent chemical stability . 

· Teflon FEP: FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene copolymer) non-stick coating in the melt flow during baking to form non-porous film with excellent chemical stability, excellent non-stick properties, the maximum temperature of 200 ℃. 

· Teflon PFA: PFA (Guo fluoroalkyl compounds), like non-stick coating and FEP when the melt flow in the baking to form non-porous film. PFA has the advantage of higher continuous use temperature of 260 ℃, more just toughness, particularly suitable for use in high temperature conditions, the use of anti-sticking and anti-chemical field. 

· Teflon ETFE: ETFE is a copolymer of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene, which is the toughest of fluorine resin, polymer, can form a layer of highly durable coating with excellent chemical resistance and can be 150 ℃ under continuous operation. 

After Teflon coating, the Teflon has the following features: 

1, non-sticky: Almost all of the material does not bond with the Teflon coating. Thin film also showed good performance of non-adherence. Functional Teflon Fabric Series

2, heat-resistant: Teflon coating has excellent heat resistance and low temperature properties. Short period of time can be high temperature to 300 ℃, generally between 240 ℃ ~ 260 ℃ continuous use, has significant thermal stability, it can in the freezer temperatures without embrittlement at high temperatures without melting. 

3, sliding: Teflon coating has a low coefficient of friction. Coefficient of sliding friction generated when the load changes, but only in the values between 0.05-0.15. 

4, anti-moisture: Teflon coating surfaces above water and oil quality and production operations are not easy to dip solution, such as sticking a small amount of dirt, simply wipe can be removed. Down time is short, to save hours of work and to improve work efficiency. 

5, abrasion resistance: In the high-load, with excellent wear resistance. At a certain load, wear-resistant and non-adherence with the dual advantages.

6, Corrosion resistance: Teflon is almost free from drugs erosion, can protect the part from being any kind of chemical corrosion. 

Teflon is widely used in high temperature, by carrying out adhesive industry. Functional Teflon Fabric Series

Teflon fabric, three anti-DuPont Teflon fabric protection treatment technology in use of compounds containing fluorine technology, the formation of molecular barrier around each fiber. To reduce the critical surface tension of the fiber so that it can effectively resist the water-based and oily liquid stains. powerful decontamination product requirements based fabric can still be effective after 30 times washing anti-fouling, functional performance continued to wash up to 50 times.

Using the most advanced nanotechnology, to make Teflon fabric is not only powerful anti-pollution, and softer feel comfortable. 

Teflon Waterproof fabric

Teflon fabric refers to the general fabric by DuPont additive treatment, with excellent Waterproof fabric(water repellentfabric,waterproof fabric suppliers,water repellent fabrics,waterproof fabric material,), anti-oil fabric, anti-pollution features, commonly known as "three defenses" and keeping the fabric clean and tidy. According to washable strength, can be divided into ordinary Teflon, super Teflon (Hi-Teflon). Super Teflon could be washing 20 times, you can still reach 90 points, before washing up to 100 points, almost the same as lotus leaf effect.

Teflon fabric refers to the general fabric through the use of Dupont's Teflon additives processed fabrics. Compared with ordinary fabric of the fabric and have a more glamorous appearance quality, it will also kind of like the lotus leaf has a great anti-oil, splashing water, anti-stain effect, can effectively prevent oil, water, stains penetrate fiber inner layer, thereby maintain a long-term dry fabrics, clean. 

Teflon Waterproof fabric

This fabric can be used in ordinary clothing, jackets, casual wear, down jackets, sleeping bags and so on. Provide DuPont Teflon tag. 

Teflon fabric produced three types of anti-protective clothing, suitable for frequent contact with oils, water media workers as a labor protective clothing use. The protective clothing contaminated with oil instead of dipping, but not with water seepage, and to overcome the breathable water repellent and anti-oil conflicts, with good ventilation, breathable performance and comfort. 



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